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  1. M

    they kick me from Survival !!!!!

    i entered the resource world and i found just bedrock and a nether portal then i writed /home after 3 seconds they kicked me from survival after that i enter again and again it dosent work they give me this when i get kicked everytime from survival : We are syncing your data, please wait You...
  2. J

    Survival Villager Bug

    Respected Server Mods, since the survival worlds went down we have been facing a problem regarding with the villagers. they stand still or "freezed" for 10 -20 seconds until right clicked, then it repeats again. we are unable to breed and produce more activites with them due to this bug. we feel...
  3. itszme

    PikaNetwork Survival Bug Report

    Hello, pika network’s survival players so there is a bug in the pika network survival that the villager's freeze every 10 to 20 seconds if you right-click or hit the villager it will unfreeze for 10 to 20 seconds and the developers are saying that they were working fine but the thing is they...
  4. NPQuansodumb

    My area

    How can I make my area have a security like don't break block..etc
  5. A

    Shop bug

    There is a bug in the shop i cant make new shop or interact with the existing currents ones and i think its a bug for me only as i can interact with other's shops. I have broken the sign and chest but i still see the shop GUI without the shop and no one can interact with the shops. please fix it...
  6. R

    Shulkers got bugged somehow

    I wanted to place a shulker then it just said, that I cant place it. I hope this get fixed soon. This didnt happend only to me.
  7. S

    CORRUPTED Resource World

    Whenever I log onto the resource world server I always get teleported to a non-living place Why?!?
  8. D

    Quick question

    If you create a clan and upgrade it to level 5, you get 5000 claimblocks. So what if you disband the clan? Do you keep the claimblocks or not and if yes, is it allowed to create new clans, upgrade them to level 5 and disband them just for claimblocks? Also if the claimblocks dissapear after you...
  9. lil_tadpole

    Why PVP should be removed from survival.

    Toxic PVP players are ruining survival, here are some reasons: 1. Auction House is getting filled with people selling armor and weapons. 2. PVP players are spamming PVP-related things in chat. 3. PVP is interrupting builders. 4. If you want to play PVP and destroy players' creations, go play...
  10. Z

    OptiFine is not working on survival !!

    Whenever I tried to join the survival mode using optifine, the server wont let me in, just stuck in a loop with no error messages or anything, and when I remove the optifine mod I can join it with no problems. I used same optifine version in another server survival and it worked fine... I m...
  11. K


    As many players have started to go to end world we are having less and lesser chances to get items as the high level players hoard them
  12. S

    Survival - Unable to join

    Good Day Pika Members! For me When i try to join the survival server it doesn't let me join, it kicks me out saying " (!) You have been kicked! (!) Reason: PikaNetwork >> Lost connection to server. " I really do not understand. I looked at other forms It said to join to a compatible version...
  13. James_s


    Won't you reset and update the survival? It's been a year . . . We are really bored @Gunfire (sorry for tagging you) ;)
  14. A

    i have a problem i cant enter please help

    i build something in the air and i disconnected in survival now when i enter it just spawns me in the air and i fall get damage and it brings me back to the hub nothing got saved idk please fix survival
  15. J

    Ranks in survival

    when you go to the crates you see diffrent ranks. but how do you get that rank /buy doesnt work en i cant find anything on the store site. and in the chat you see wizards have acces to these kits... please help me so i can buy a rank on survival
  16. Swerbz

    New builds!

    Made some new builds in Survival check it out rate it and have fun! here is a photo of the latest build! Contact me when im online i love to show everyone the builds! Picture made by admin [Slendyy]