OpFactions - PikaNetwork 2020

Friday September 18th 2020, 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST

Greetings PikaCrafters,

We're back, and it's time for the new awaited OpFactions reset! We're excited to announce the launch of opFactions: a brand new Season, which will open its doors on Friday, September 18th, at 8:00 PM CET.

We have read through all your suggestions and ideas, and we did our best to consider a lot. Not everyone has the same thoughts/suggestions what we have to do with opfactions. We understand that there always will be people that will agree with a suggestion and disagree. We, however, did our best to implement as many suggestions as possible.

We saw a lot of suggestions for faction mcmmo changes, so we did those! The changes are listed below, if you still like to see it differently can you always react to this post.
mcmmo changes are however not the only thing! Cannoning improvements, a brand new anti-cheat, and much more is added! A full list of fixes and new features is below, so let's not make it any longer and go straight to the details since that's what people are interested in.

The release of the brand new OpFactions server...​

OpFactions - PikaNetwork 2020

Greetings PikaCrafters,

Within this post, we would like to talk about the OpFactions gamemode on pika network. After our poll listed within our discord server, have we decided to leave normal factions for what it currently is and create a reset for our current OpFactions gamemode, therefore we would like to hear from you, the community, on what we should add and improve for the reset for the current OpFactions server.

If you're interested in helping with suggestions for changes and additions, can you use this thread to discuss anything with other people in our community that you think would be beneficial.. Your feedback is very important to us, we will make sure to review all your feedback and provide you with the best on the gamemode reset. But please be descriptive when giving feedback, saying the server is broken, or saying fix this, isn't helping us in any way, use details.

For anyone wondering what will happen with normal factions, for now, it will stay what is. But we have noticed that, there is interest in changes with the Factions server. Therefore we would still like to improve it in the near future.

For the OpFactions reset, would I like to ask some...
06 Sep
KitPvP - Reset | September the 6TH 2020 Max

KitPvP - PikaNetwork 2020
Sunday - September 6th, 2020

Greetings PikaCrafters,

After a long time, our KitPvP server will finally receive an update to a refreshed reset with a brand new pvparena and some exciting new changes!
Moving into the reset of kitpvp are some changes made, some changes that will hopefully make it a better and more fun kitpvp experience for you!

This kitpvp reset was very much needed, the kitpvp server is one of the servers that haven't been updated in the last couple of years. This is why a great deal of the plugins was not up to date anymore. The server was also facing some lag and connection issues, this will now no longer be the case anymore! This new reset we created a new map, now full of structures, traps, places to explore, no longer flat, parkour & more! We hope you will like the brand new map.

We read through all the suggestions that have been currently placed on the suggestions page on the forums, and have been made inside the suggestion post.
We hope that your suggestions ideas/reports are now fixed and or added within this update. Let's not make it longer since most people won't even read this, so let go straight to the details!

If you still do encounter any further bugs or any issues be sure to make a bug report ticket as we shall be closely...
31 Aug
Top Voters | August 2020 Max

Thanks, everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters will receive a forum mail with their rewards in 24 hours.

Here are the vote winners of this month.

#1 @DeadOrigins` - (215 votes) - 50 Euro Store Coupon.
#2 @tlang - (215 votes) - 40 Euro Store Coupon.
#3 @EAGLE3y3 - (213 votes) - 30 Euro Store Coupon.
#4 @BasBoosted31 - (213 votes) - 20 Euro Store Coupon.
#5 @M4qic - (212 votes) - 10 Euro Store Coupon.

We are really grateful that you guys keep voting for the server, as promised you can claim
your gift cards the winners will receive a mail with the code in 24 hours. If you have any problems contact me and will try to reply within 48 hours.

KitPvP - PikaNetwork 2020

Greetings PikaCrafters,

We will be opening this forum post, where you, the community, will be able to leave us suggestions on what you'd like to see implemented for a kitpvp reset!
Therefore, you'll have the chance to give us an idea of what we should create, in order to provide you with the best kitpvp experience possible.
Let us know what you would like to see within a reset , whether anything should be removed or instead just added! We will look over all your suggestions and see what we can create for a new reset!

If you're interested in helping with suggestions for changes and additions, can you use this thread to discuss anything with other people in our community that you think would be beneficial. But please be descriptive when giving feedback.

So we are now taking all player feedback and suggestions for kitpvp so that we can develop something that the community would like to see.

To start off will I ask some questions.
  • New kits/ changes to the kits?
  • Map changes?
  • Teams?
  • ???
  • `Your suggestions here`
Please note: Stick to the topic! Any off-topic/non-related to this gamemode comments will be deleted.

Please take this opportunity to let us know by replying to this message...​

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