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  • you know the momment when someone gets unban aand after some minutes gets ban again? that just happened to me rn
    i m laughting and crying at same time
    btw gg on admin sir :3
    congradz to ADMIN!
    Tysm For Accepting The Apliccation :)
    How to get carried at bedwars..
    Call MrFrenco = eZ win
    Greetings. I don't think you understood my appeal, I don't care about being banned on your server, I personally have never played on it before. I appealed on behalf of my little brother who has been enjoying bed wars on it. He was banned by console but he couldn't have done anything wrong. He's playing on a computer that can barely run the game, let alone install any hacks whatsoever. He barely knows how the game...
    FilipDeWinter, you can't expect him to then find away to cheat. I am contacting you because I was banned by the Console, and the Console isn't smart enough to decide .
    Apologies for posting on your profile, I can't send a private message.
    Noob moderator :/
    I understand that people begging for you to view their ban appeal is annoying.. But it's annoying for me too because i got banned 2 times (both 24hours) IN A ROW. please help me. i made a ban appeal
    read my ban appeal now XD
    dude please read my ban appeal..
    MrFrenco so do I Screenshot my whole screen to report a spamming player? so it will be accepted next time this problem occurs.
    i found a hacker
    HI can u help me pls?? i have problem when i warp to may Faction and i buging in block !! can u remove pls?
    hey i won one rename command and isnt working ;-; is in the opfac1 plz help me and sorry ;-; i dont have one proof '-' but my friends NoHitBro and jojo_1014 see i won ;-;
    i can your email i have photo for my reset password
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