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  • Mrfrenco jo are you dutch? check MY Forum please im banned for fastbreak but it was just lagg no hacks i swear check my forum aub man
    you are a bad person because you wont give me my pass reset
    Hello Mrrenco Look my appeal please.
    hola MrFrenco queria decirte que hay un problema y esque como soy nuevo y quiero entrar vuestro server no me deja me dice que hay un problema con la ip de mi cuenta y pues no se si me puedan dejar entrar o que, ¿me puedes solucionar ese pequeño problema?
    gracias jeje :v
    Hi MrFrenco have a nice day !!!
    Hi Frenco can we please talk in discord Ameer Kais 4205
    May you please go look at my ban appeal i made it today
    Im Made banapple plz plz go see it
    conseal give me ban consol give all ban XD PLZ plz
    still here?
    Hello Mrfrenco i was wondering if you could unban me ? i was fasly banned for advertising i hope you Can help me i made 2 appeals and both got denied
    Hello man, can you help me? I have one problem. I got banned twice for cheating by console but I never used cheats (I agree to be checked). Both times I got banned while building blocks to connect my and my friends island to the center on Bed Wars. Is there anything that I can do to prevent getting banned without reason?
    I am having problems with talking to Izha I have wrote something to him but its not sending to him. It ses This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. What I have wrote to Izha is not spam-like nor does it contain inappropriate elements. Please help me thank you in advance.
    I've experienced the same problem you have to make another message somewhere else and then you'll be able to send there!
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