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  • hallu just chose to follow you bc im dutch aswell uwu
    the server kicks me when i try to enter my plot on opprison now i cant play at all
    Please, create a support ticket or message me on discord.
    im sure your busy but you never reply to my messages which relates to server problems
    You may message me instead. ;)
    MrFrenco I'm already beginning to hate your server. Today, when I played a war on your server bed and set me a 24-hour ban, I did not use a hack or something like that. Please fix your server or whatever it is to prevent such things happening.
    that happened to me just now
    Why u always dont accpect my apply for staff?
    Mrfrenco can you look about ban player ??
    I got server tempban bez i hack but i don't hack! I play with my friends but server tempban me - - why????
    Can you look again but why did you deny?
    on my pass reset request
    Mrfrenco jo are you dutch? check MY Forum please im banned for fastbreak but it was just lagg no hacks i swear check my forum aub man
    Look my appeal please
    you are a bad person because you wont give me my pass reset
    Hello Mrrenco Look my appeal please.
    hola MrFrenco queria decirte que hay un problema y esque como soy nuevo y quiero entrar vuestro server no me deja me dice que hay un problema con la ip de mi cuenta y pues no se si me puedan dejar entrar o que, ¿me puedes solucionar ese pequeño problema?
    gracias jeje :v
    Hi MrFrenco have a nice day !!!
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