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  • hey i got baned for hacking and my name is DevilUpexy i have ellite and i got for no reson first someone fresing me and after i got ban an i got cick 3 time fron clien notificaison for bad pink if you wand i have proof im not hacking if you can help me i own you
    hey MrFrenco pls unban me i will not do tht again you give me 30 days ban and i am addict with your server opfacton pls unban


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    Sir You still haven't replied me even you are active so please when will i get my account back?
    Hey Hey Please Mr Frenco you already know i am Frost0001 my account recently got hacked again by MostActiveGxng and i would like to have it back i tried using password reset request but it is not working so change my passwrod and email both and then give me in Discord or here by my old email that was linked to my account, and if you can't reset my password so please make sure to ban my account perm until i get my account back and my discord user is: ZenKai#7382

    Thank You for Consideration!

    <Frost0001 | ZenKai#7382>
    bro i want show you something cuz i cant join pika i have like 7 days dont play :'( cuz my account got hacked and Crni_ ban my Syndiko 2 day for spam but its the hack not me and now look what he do the reseson idk why he said me wait and he have long time dont back it :'( see


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    I would like to request to check my password reset request because someone named NotZodiqcc got into my account and now he is saying to pay him and you know it is not allowed real money trading isn't allowed so please give me the account password or reset it and send me it into my DMS in discord my user is Kaiii#8558
    I already tried dming you so please can you do anything?

    Thank You For your Consideration

    <Frost0001, Kaiii#8558>
    Its laughable to see how people write their problems and appeals in this person's profile post rather than creating a ticket.
    Very civilized people with knowledge of 4 parallel universes.

    P.S. Pigman.
    Hi I am kichuzzz1, and I got banned for client modification which I totally didn't do.. My internet connection is bad and I got banned for 1 day. I was really looking forward for playing on this server tomorrow...So please unban me as fast as possible...

    Please make a ban appeal HERE.
    Ummm helllo i just wanted to say that why did i get banned for no reoson i think u guys did a big mistake bc i wa using this texture pack called Flora 16x and i got banned and mention the other thing that i was playing on salwyrr launcher and i have bad internet so i get stuck in a middle of a game and u guys kicked me So please Unban me U guys got the wrong person!!!!!!
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