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  • cannot join csb cuz it says to download a resource pack which is for the server now i accept the download but it says download pending and i have no downloads pending and i still cant join csb cuz it says download the server resource pack2022-08-30_12.39.00.png
    Hello, i have a question regarding about the Lifesteal Release. You mentioned “dying will result as a death ban”. If my guess is correct, i’m only getting the ban in the Lifesteal itself right? So banning me wouldn’t spread all around Bedwars, Skywars, other games, etc. only the Lifesteal. I’m just making sure, if that’s ok. I know that it’s called a death ban for a reason but i want to be cautious because i play Pika Network so i don’t want to lose all my progress after that death ban.
    hey sir i applyed for staff 2 time with full info but still didnt get selected can u tell me that can i become a staff if im 16 coz a staff said u nned to be 16
    Bro dont you read the thread properly just Age doesn't matter
    Just apply with all the information needed
    hello justtheimo can you please look at my ban and if there is any chance you can reduce the time or unban, as i didnt know that changing keybinds were bannable, i said i was new to the server and i regret not reading the rules but now i know and wont do it again please. My ign is BadGirl3
    pls solve or kick me pls it say i am logging but i am not logged pls solve it or any player seening it pls gave me some idea for every one thankyou if its my last time in pika ):
    Hi I my perm hitman is gone, which is very sad to my side as a player, the story is like this, first I use ssnl hitman cuz I dont have perm hitman yet, and then because of the unique key I won a perm hitman, after I use it I wait for the reset in Op prison, after the reset i login and to my surprise my Perm hitman was gone wish you could help me ASAP
    Good day Thiemo. i cant join pika server for 1 days now and it said im already logged on pika
    please fix me i can join
    Restart MC, if that doesn't work just wait till the whole PikaNetwork server reboots itself which might take some time
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