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Mar 9, 2016

Hello Community,

The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a tight crew to have perfect cooperation because we want to make sure that everything we do goes right. We want to involve the community when we make decisions. We are working on this now. We want to see what the community wants implemented in the server. We will try to look at every suggestion and have a detailed discussion about all of them. Maybe we will have to change a few things here and there to make everything just right so we can improve the server together with YOU!

We are looking forward to seeing some more awesome suggestions from the community. We have seen many suggestions coming from the community untill now we have not been able to reply to all of them however you can rest assure that we do read all of them!

Quick Tip!
When making a suggestion, make sure your suggestion looks appealing to the community, the Staff and the Management. Try to put time and effort into it.

Kind regards,
The Admin Team
Not open for further replies.