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admin team

  1. T

    Glitched In Glass and got banned for client modification.

    Please could you remove my temporary ban because I got glitched in my netherwart farm inside my glass pane and I got kicked 2 times and then temporary banned for client modification I do not know why this happened. I was also ready to donate for a mythic rank...
  2. B

    Vote party BuG

    This server have a vote party and it complete 500 votes 2 times per day and after 500 vote we get a captcha to complete and if we click captcha we see nothing on it and can't even complete. Fix this BuG :) Proof...
  3. S

    admins r u dumb

    ok wtf i got banned 4 times becouse of hacking what are you guys up to all i do is 9cps i can record and send my gameplay and ban if u dont believe
  4. H


    As an OG Galactix player (since map 1) I have noticed that since the new owners have come to the server you haven't focused much on galactix at all. From me and fellow galactix players I would like it very much if you were to work on galactix as it would be good for the players as well as you...
  5. A


    He hack in warp fps and he kill me and then he leave with his sister
  6. O

    i forgot my password

    pls staff help me i forgot my password to login on the server
  7. SmashArmsHD

    Suggestions - Update

    Hello Community, The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a...