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  1. F

    OP Factions 2 - Sign Shop Problem

    Hi, I found a raid with chests and spawners that have shop signs so if the person gets raided he won't lose his items (Because other players can't break someones shop signs). This exploit is unfair and shop signs should be removed or it would be impossible to find a raid with loot. I tried to...
  2. L

    i use the nick of slimegodpvp using my loyalwarrior but alba_x ban me

    hi guys can u help me ? cause alba_x ban me but the reason he put is not in the rules please help me guys :) Thanks Alot
  3. G

    Admins Hacking for: DutchminerHD

    Dutch, if you are reading this or any other staff member, i want to ask you one question: Why do admins hack and why do you let that happen? I've been playing on pika network for 2 years now and i never saw any admin hacking, but recently I've gotten into bedwars and the first time i saw an...
  4. mainOFlife

    i want to spend TL

    how can i spen TL i have not euros this must change plz
  5. SmashArmsHD

    Suggestions - Update

    Hello Community, The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a...
  6. X

    Dutchminer stream

    why dutch stopped streaming
  7. ABZ_12

    Farewell my fellow Pika Players...

    ABZ_12: Since I got permanent banned because of my brother "DiamondBeast_" who advertised. I will not be able to play again till I got unban. It would be nice if I can thank you for all the experience I had from this server. I want to say thank you to tolo(TooPlays), thepoisonivvy and Tyranny...
  8. M


    I have been trying to use //wand but i cant it is a mod but still cant use plz tell
  9. C


    Hello, why i still can have votingkeys but it was useless now...i gotten voting key in the vote party crate and i used my /kit votingkey...i didnt know that it was have changes then i cant open crate with that votingkeys....pls fix this problem because i still can have useless votingkeys :P
  10. R

    Izha im not a Hacker - RageOne

    Izha im not a hacker. Im was in a Computer Shop thats why i logged out because it was a (PisoNet) oo tama ka Pinoy din ako. But im not a hacker so plss unbanned me because im just a good pvper so plss unbanned me plsssss. Ill hope that your will gonna unbanned me. - RageOne
  11. K

    RockyGaming Ban The Wrong Person

    Hey Guys Its Me Again I Want To Say That RockyGaming Ban The Wrong Person The Real Hacker Is kata1122sa Not kata98 Can Someone Fix It Cause Im Not Pvping In That Time Im In Vault And Im AFK But When i Go Back To Play I've Been kick And When I Login Again It Say Im Permanently Banned Pls Fix It...
  12. K

    I Was Banned For Kill Aura But Im Not Using Hacks

    Hi Im Playing At Op Faction 1 But RockyGaming Just Ban Me For Kill Aura Pls Unban Me Cause Im Not Hacking Here's The Picture
  13. Old_Prophet

    DutchminerHD has been Jailed.....

    Yesterday, januari 27, the sad news has come to us that DutchminerHD has been jailed. He was caught in the wild scaring people just appearing behind their backs. He put up a fight at his arrest, and it took a robocop on steroids to take him down eventually. But.... justice prevailed. The bad guy...
  14. BosniaHero

    Donator raiding in GMC !!

    I dont know can u see that on pic, i hadnt had enough time to record that.Donator rank [Dylactric] had sethome in my base and we were pvping at begginning then he came in our base with /gmc and we couldnt kill them, he just flew arround and then he went on spawn. Thanks Alot !
  15. K

    Bad Language

    Please Warning ExitNick For Saying Bad Language Thank You
  16. F3arGamingHD

    Staff's please do your job

    Hello Guys...Why ban my FearGamingHD? Im not even hacking Staff's please do your job about banning without hacks
  17. TenGU

    Denied KIT-PVP suggestion

    hey i am tengu and i wonder if yoeri is making new kits and prefix and a new map cuz kit pvp need that for sure i have played kit-pvp for a long time and i still like it but i would prefer that he add a lot of new kits and their upgrades it would be cool oh and add a party plugin =/ we...
  18. XxBurimYOLOxX


    That's the hacker. i hope u can see it in the photo ;D
  19. XxBurimYOLOxX

    Heard that u guyz need ppl that stay online for opfac2..?

    Well, as it says in the tittle.. i'm kinda applying for, maybe staff member? well about me : gender: male age : 14 i hav skype and stuff like that.. im about to buy donator and rename.. when i saw that u guyz r asking for staff i thought, why not? cuz im online in pika 2/6 of the day xD lol and...
  20. I

    Please ban matiasalzugaray7 and dscarreira777

    they both are scammers on OP Skyblock...... Matias scammed me of 1mill with fake tokens and dscarreira777 is helping matias with the scams....... -ItsShifter {Trying to help others out from scammers}