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  1. slenderbrine3450

    Will there though?

    Is pika network still letting people in for applying for staff or is there enough already if this is confidential and I’m not allowed to know just tell me
  2. Old_Prophet

    suggested change of rule

    i would advice to change the bold part in this rule to "the same or similar message". Spamming the chat as a faction and making it unreadable will result in a faction punishment instead of a standard warn/mute. This means if there are 6+ faction members sending the same message in the public...
  3. S


    Hey bro i won a payout on op factions my name is 1842 can you give me my iron? If you want, we can discord so I can show you that it's my account. Thanks anyway!
  4. Z

    Leaderboard broken

    Is there more clarity about when the leaderboard will be back to normal? The weekly and monthly leaderboard has been broken for about a week (maybe even longer).
  5. Fireboy707

    Make this 3th most popular thread .

    We need to beat to be the best , lets march and get win
  6. Xquitze_YT

    How I got to see the same hacker getting banned 4 times in a row

    Hey everyone, This is how I got banned the same cheater 4 times in a row with the help of a staff. basically, I was in pratice and I was randomly queing unranked builduhc. I saw some hackusations to a guy named as Unbeated. I thought he must be good and left it out. Then I saw that he got...
  7. Xquitze_YT

    The recent increase in hackers!!!!

    Hello everyone! To anyone who is reading this, this is not meant for any hate towards pika developers or staff. For the past few days, I've been seeing a huge increase in cheaters on pika. Well you might ask, "what is the big deal about it?", well the "big deal" about it is that they are too...
  8. Braincel

    Brand New Season Of OP-Factions

    Welcome to Threat ➤ What we offer: » Constant Raids for you to take part in » Advanced and professional leadership team »Active Members »High Skilled-Techniched Players »Well Organized & Active Discord Server ➤ What we're looking for: » Advanced players with experience in every aspect of...
  9. murder19001

    Bad usernames...

    I see many peaople using some bad usernames I guess they use tlauncher should action be taken against them??! I met a toxic guy called "MUmGay" shouldnt he be perm banned?! I reported this guy staff warned him but no ban against his username?!
  10. murder19001

    Can I use this mod?

    My friend's laugh at my spelling, So can I use this mod? https://sk1er.club/mods/autocorrect pls answer
  11. S

    Lost my pickaxe due to a bug

    I had a diamond pickaxe with boomerang 100 and token greed 1500. It disappeared from my inventory when I logged out. I heard it's a known bug that when you put an item in the 9th slot of the Hotbar, it disappears from the inventory. I assume this is what caused the disappearance of the pickaxe...
  12. June22

    Creative not restarting yet

    This message was from JustThiemo, a developer of Pika Network, confirming that they do not plan on resetting creative.
  13. Dragon_Lord_

    The Truth.

    Yo YO YOO! No there is no time for an intro... Not this time. A while ago the Player MouraThat/Rockygaming disappeared after sending the word bye on a discord chat a while ago. The truth is that he has never left the pika server. He is still active on the forums but on a different account. You...
  14. P

    i am looking for help

    Chiedo aiuto perché è più di una volta che quando avvio un gioco trovo giocatori con evidenti hack e vorrei chiedere allo staff qual è il comando per chiedere aiuto o contattare lo staff il prima possibile. perchè in ogni 1v1, 2v2v2v2, 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4 in bedwars in particolare c'è sempre quello...
  15. FearlessYt

    My staff application pls give me some tips by replying :)

    {1} Age: 15 (almost b-day) {2} My Ign: pikaisbest {3} What role am i applying for : Moderator for now {4} Why do i want to be staff : I would like to be able to contribute to the server's health in a more efficient way than I am currently able to. Both via helping players, especially the...
  16. Alparo_

    geting ban for no reson

    hi i am Alparo_ i today got ip ban by MrGrownz,I got ban for no reason but he said reson is ban evasion ( Capiel_ ) i that guy dont know or somting am playing normal on OpPrison no hack no anyting and wen i try to record hackers to report i got this. I want unban.
  17. TheDynamicGamer

    Bedwars Suggestion | Add Invisibility Potion

    I just wanted to make a request to please add the invisibility potion to the bedwars because it's very fun. Make sure to add the footsteps trails so that when we walk with the invisibility potion it shows that a person is invisible. The invisibility potion should be of 30 seconds. It will be fun...
  18. ayaanplayz

    How to post a staff Application

    Head over to https://pika-network.net/apply and fill out there anyways have a great day
  19. M

    Please read this is just some advice

    Hello uhh i target this thread mostly to staff cause i wanna make a suggestion for bedwars and skywars there is a left section (what i mean by left section is when u spawn and go left theres a huge board under the sign "info") of the skywars and bedwars main lobby that just says what bedwars is...
  20. H

    About normal factions

    hi! so maybe admins, moderators or owners can answer me so q is, why in normal factions over claim is turn off? and when that will be turn on? and if it is for ever then only how can raid is building a canoon or have some another way how to raid? tnx Staff if u answer!