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  1. EmirhanTR05

    There are hackers in the game Op Prison

    Hackers are in Pika Network Op Prison Game 17.11.2022 Username : BamboLoser , lratioed , romkas1 , StudentSpotted YouTube Video : View: https://youtu.be/COAz-Ldo8mk
  2. EmirhanTR05

    Hacker Inside Op Prison

    There is a hacker in the game Op Prison Username : goofbye Hacker Video : View: https://youtu.be/BFdm3UsdEvw
  3. Fichtner

    Who is the best ADMIN

    I have one doubt who is the best admin? I recommend @Arrly What about you
  4. S

    OPSkyblock Boss spawn times (please help)

    Hi, I am Scientifreak5. I play a lot of OPSkyblock nowadays. Problem is, I don't know when the bosses spawn. I'm an MBBS student and hence I barely get a lot of time to play on the server nowadays. If somebody would please tell me at what time which boss spawns, I'd be very obliged. No need to...
  5. U

    Unban appeal

    Hello there im uGotL, today my friend ugotlbro got banned 90d ip for "clicker"(his forum dont work). He didnt know to send anydesk code and he rold to ban him. Can he get unbanned or shorted ban?
  6. V

    Private games

    Can i play in pika private bedwars games
  7. S

    Lost my pickaxe due to a bug

    I had a diamond pickaxe with boomerang 100 and token greed 1500. It disappeared from my inventory when I logged out. I heard it's a known bug that when you put an item in the 9th slot of the Hotbar, it disappears from the inventory. I assume this is what caused the disappearance of the pickaxe...
  8. P

    i am looking for help

    Chiedo aiuto perché è più di una volta che quando avvio un gioco trovo giocatori con evidenti hack e vorrei chiedere allo staff qual è il comando per chiedere aiuto o contattare lo staff il prima possibile. perchè in ogni 1v1, 2v2v2v2, 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4 in bedwars in particolare c'è sempre quello...
  9. S

    admins r u dumb

    ok wtf i got banned 4 times becouse of hacking what are you guys up to all i do is 9cps i can record and send my gameplay and ban if u dont believe
  10. N


    Can i join to be admin i have experience being admin msg me
  11. A

    My Island

    Hy, please admin team, my friends banned on skyblock him ist Island Leader.. Please make me Island leader Thanks!! Sorry for bad english!
  12. SmashArmsHD

    Suggestions - Update

    Hello Community, The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a...
  13. Q

    fly pix

    why my fiy pix gone for no reason?
  14. Austun

    creative ranks

    hey so i came back from my school and when i logged in in the server i found that there is a new update remove the design of the plots and removing the ranks and adding levels i mean Updates are good right but what im angry about is removing ranks ranks is what make people build to make them...
  15. W

    ban report

    His Name is Stafi hi grifed my island and took 3 beacons and destroyed 2 rabbit spawners and destroyed nearly third of our island level structure and killed all of our pets and villagers and destroyed our farm but luckly he forgot to destroy his private chests that prove that he was apart of our...
  16. W

    Please help me was griefed

    someone i(cukriko) invited in my team on skyblock griefed me and took 3 beacon around 120 expensive blocks and 2 rabbit spawners pls ban him his minecraft name is Stafi
  17. WcBrilMetWater18

    Skygod Gone?

    Hello, This is one for the admins, or moderators, i lost my skygod... About 2 years ago i bought skygod on skyblock with the account name WcBrilMetWater18, i played allot, then skyblock ice came, still i had my skygod, but i had to change my username to WcBrilMetWater because i coud not lock my...
  18. olcio

    Ban plis read

    would like to ask for unbans. I love this server and I like to play on it, it is the pleasant atmosphere and good administration. I know I broke the rules for which I apologize but I would ask for 2 chances.
  19. Reclesh BZ

    Making video of pika faction

    i need your support guys im making video of pika faction soon help me guys my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_u_gzSC9mE2LvTJ5dSFdPQ