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  1. ChromaNomadYT

    Invisibility potions and Miner fatigue etc.

    Hello pika network forums users. This is my recommendation to add to the server. To make the server experience just better i suggest making the following changes- 1. Adding Invisibility potions (30 seconds) 2. Making miner fatigue trap (Show me your hands) trap 1 diamond instead of 2 3...
  2. P

    Add The Bridge in the server

    Guys I guess the server is fulfilled with minigames but the bridge is still left. It is personally my fav gamemode and to play that i have to visit several servers which gives bad ping. its a humble request to add the gamemode to the server.
  3. SezarBD

    False Promises unfinished reset

    When survival reset made owner posted many things but there is false promises and features that they didn't added to the game even after 3 month later. Suggestions taken on Apr 29, 2019 Reset was done after two months Jun 18, 2019 But we didn't get what post says about. I will remind here below...
  4. ABZ_12

    Hello Again!

    Hello guys, I am back from school. I missed the server I hope I can play here again everyday, cause well its really fun here. I also suggest that: Replace the Vote crates prizes into, even more bigger prizes, so we will be able to get more votes and go to the top :D..... Regards, ABZ_12, SB GOD.
  5. SmashArmsHD

    Suggestions - Update

    Hello Community, The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a...

    Suggestions/Bugs for Classic Skyblock

    Hello Skyblockers, So as many of you know, Classic Skyblock is getting updated and I'll be taking all of any suggestions/bugs and send them directly to Yoeri,who is responsible for updating Classic Skyblock. However,I'm not going to forward any suggestions or bugs unless they are on this...
  7. To-Do-Pit

    Denied Token Enchantment Suggestion

    As i know there is a empty are in the /warp tokens in op skyblock I was wondering if one of my suggestions could fit in there 1. Gears (I-III) -Gives Speed to the player on who owns this Gears 1 - Speed 1 Gears 2 - Speed 2 Gears 3 - Speed 3 -Enchantment on boots -Can be disabled in /is settings...
  8. NinjaBoy2000

    [Suggestions]: New Games?

    Server: Well, Pika-Network. Suggestion: Well, I'm too bored of the games here at pika-network, But i still love it though, I just want new games likc (TnT Run, BlockParty, HideAndSeek (some cracked have this) ) Reason: So this server will be more fun and popular! Example:
  9. theloneking

    [Suggestion] Trying to help

    hi, can you backup all your database files/server once a day, every midnight? or make an auto backup program so we can prevent big losses when the server get attacked. this can also help admins/staffs to avoid tons of headache to restore the server and helps the players, donors and non donors...
  10. O

    SkyBlockClassic Ignore Command?

    With the upcoming reset for skyblock the /Ignore command to mute someone just for yourself would be of great help. There are some spammers. In chat who advertise their stuff, casinos games, people who spam you with /msg or even /tpa, people who just rage out on you. So that is a suggestion. I...