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False Promises unfinished reset


Legendary Pika
Mar 17, 2016
When survival reset made owner posted many things but there is false promises and features that they didn't added to the game even after 3 month later.
Suggestions taken on Apr 29, 2019
Reset was done after two months Jun 18, 2019
But we didn't get what post says about. I will remind here below.

I will mark points with ❎ ☑️

The upcoming information in this thread contains a summary of changes that we've implemented for this reset!

  • New spawn ☑️ good
  • 1.13.2 server what you can join with 1.8 up to 1.14 ☑️ yes true
  • playerwarps ❎ nothing added like this.
  • Clan plugin ❎ but buggy many perm leaks.
  • Quests ❎ default achievements?
  • More info displayed at spawn ❎ there is no guidelines for new players at spawn.
  • Keeped /trade, /hug, /kiss ❎ hug/kiss do error messages
  • Allowed villager trading ☑️ trade is good.
  • Added custom vouchers ❎ vote keys are not added fully
  • Lockette ☑️ works good
  • Decoration Heads ❎ useless
  • Changed voting and rewards ❎ bad rewards and no donator chest
  • Added Jobs ☑️ good plugins
  • Wild teleport ☑️ good
  • New warps and system ❎ nothing new as warp.
  • New 1.13 survival world ☑️ anti-xray good plugins.
  • Updated server menus ☑️ good one
  • Customized all chat commands ❎ nothing much was added
  • Updated reaction plugin ❎ nope
  • Brand new claiming plugin ❎ buggy claims never increase
  • Updated crates ❎ unfinished creates are at spawn nothing inside
  • Added auctionhouse and chat auctions ❎ /ah works but chat auction not added
  • Improved mob stacker ☑️ yes works good
  • Clearlag will not clear spawners, hoppers, armor, and tools ❎ anyone can steal item frame items
  • Balance withdrawal ☑️
  • Pregenerated chunks ☑️ yes its good
  • Fixed TPS issue relating to pistons ❎ hoppers are broken not working properly
  • Exp Withdrawal ❎ not works
  • New & updated permissions ❎ missing permission
  • Updated kits ❎ full of armours remember survival server is not faction server
  • New npcs around spawn
  • [Inventory] command ☑️ good
  • New scoreboard ☑️
  • New economy and Server shop ☑️
  • Removed the emerald economy since this was the cause of all the lag spikes. ❎ Lag is still alive
  • Improved Chat formating ☑️
  • Added new announcements ☑️
  • Fixed join messages☑️
  • Aesthetic Changes ❎ nothing special were added
  • And many more changes that are not listed but are mostly updated plugins since everything is done from scratch again to support 1.13.2. ❎ not true
Ranks are not balanced, they need more perks and permission.
Wizard rank is same as noble!
Who will pay 80 euro extra for 1 set of enchanted armour not even max enchanted or god armour.

Donators should have permission like /invsee /silkspawners /oppick like mine 7x7 or maybe effe 10 something, more set homes and more claim powers but we have nothing like that as donator.

@Gunfire hope you read my post and rework on survival server. Thanks


Legendary Pika
Mar 17, 2016
22 cross mark out of 38! Really its frustrating situation.