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  1. Whiskey

    Is it time?

    I'm wondering, should I come back to Lifesteal and dominate. I don't know if it's an actual good forum question, but I'm doing it anyways. Also, Next Lifesteal Reset, when?
  2. G


    I need a tutorial on creating GSword and GSets, on opskyblock like, what enchs to use first and how to get those enchs please. BTW when is OPSKYBLOCK reset?
  3. D

    When will the new season begin?

    Hello. I can't wait to start over in survival so I'm wondering when the new season will begin. The last season lasted for almost 6 months (177 days from 30.7.2021 - 21.1.2022) and so it has been 175 days since this season began. I also think that it would be awesome if a new season began right...
  4. SezarBD

    Survival server [reset]

    The survival server is almost full of buildings and many complaints. I decide to take a break until survival reset. I don't want to wait so long for a survival reset so I hope it will reset as soon as possible.
  5. Max

    Update OpPrison - Reset | December the 5th 2020

    OpPrison - PikaNetwork 2020 December 5th 2020, 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST Greetings PikaCrafters, It has been a while since we have had a reset announcement, hasn’t it? Well we are excited to announce this brand new reset we have planned for prison! The reset...
  6. Azh8980

    OP Prison RESET?

    First and foremost, I apologise for taking your time to even notice and read this message that I will compose. I, usernamed Azh8980 would like to ask if the OP Prison reset within few weeks is true and would there be any compensation to the players who actually played and invested their time in...
  7. H

    Can there be a BedWars Reset???

    Im thinking of a bedwars Reset that would be nice that if you'll make a reset,Im thinking that BedWars can Have new Items in the shop when ur in game like more potions like invisibility or anything and Im also thinking that if you'll make a reset you can add a Thing about the info in the side...
  8. Ez_Angel

    Reset KitPvP

    After over two years isnt it time to reset?
  9. SezarBD

    We want justice

    We waited long time, reset survival please, we don't want to see anymore glitch/bugs or fail reset. We want complete version of playable survival server with exciting environment. I am old player of pike-network and i want to play survival on pika again and its our right. It is very unfair to me...
  10. SezarBD

    False Promises unfinished reset

    When survival reset made owner posted many things but there is false promises and features that they didn't added to the game even after 3 month later. Suggestions taken on Apr 29, 2019 Reset was done after two months Jun 18, 2019 But we didn't get what post says about. I will remind here below...
  11. Max

    Update Faction Reset?!

    Greetings PikaCrafters, I am happy to finally be able to bring you some much-anticipated news about the first server reset what will be Factions. As always, everything here is subject to change. If you have feedback for anything listed (or not listed) here, please do let us know! We...
  12. V

    a doubt about reset, please read

    A guy in the skyblock classic server told me that, there is going to be a server reset. He also said that all the progression and the island will be gone. IS THAT TRUE?? Will I lose everything??
  13. AlphaPizza

    Future of Classic Sky Block?

    After a series of hacking attacks on the server, players are yet in confusion over when they can continue playing normally again? Inspite of a rollback, the hacking was done once again and the server was left in anarchy. Will these attacks stop? Rumors of a server reset are also circulating...
  14. MrRavagen

    Server reset?

    When are we getting a server restart or server rollback? Much appreciated if you just let us Super Hardcore gamers know when can we actually play on Classic SkyBlock. I'm pretty much just wanthing to build, explore nether, chat with people and help people. Let me know what time, which day &...
  15. Farcanal

    Factions Reset

    Quite recently as a lot of you may know, there have been a lot of key dupers on OP Factions 2. A lot of dupers have been banned and a lot of innocent people have been caught in the crossfire. Firstly, I would like to know for certain whether there is going to be a reset or not. (I think it is...
  16. T

    Read This [!] Suggestion on Reset !

    As we all know we play a lot on this server and this server means a lot to us. But with reset all gone wushhhhh. All waste of time and staff says its good ? i agree it removes lag. But it removes everything with lag and its annoying. Ill definitely quit and so will many ,cause noone wants to...
  17. KittenofRoyalty

    Redstone College *Update*

    Dear players of players of prison, I am sad to inform you that the College of Redstone is no longer being built. We had almost all of the curriculum written and the college was almost complete. Since Pika's staff members had to reset the plots do to some bug (I assume) we lost all of the...
  18. WhiteArcher


    Please Fill This In...
  19. EzHackusate__

    When the server will reset

    can someone of u guys tell me when opfac1 will reset? is there a reset rotation every a specific month?
  20. ExoFoux

    Stuff lost after the reset !

    i back to the pika server today - to prison , and i noticed to the reset .. all was good and nice , my Smuggler rank still here But 1 problem is that i got 3 premium keys instead of 13 and also i didn't got my op pick back which is bs.. also i had around 700 vote tokens (i got 1000 vote tokens...