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  1. KittenofRoyalty

    Redstone College *Update*

    Dear players of players of prison, I am sad to inform you that the College of Redstone is no longer being built. We had almost all of the curriculum written and the college was almost complete. Since Pika's staff members had to reset the plots do to some bug (I assume) we lost all of the...
  2. WhiteArcher


    Please Fill This In...
  3. EzHackusate__

    When the server will reset

    can someone of u guys tell me when opfac1 will reset? is there a reset rotation every a specific month?
  4. ExoFoux

    Stuff lost after the reset !

    i back to the pika server today - to prison , and i noticed to the reset .. all was good and nice , my Smuggler rank still here But 1 problem is that i got 3 premium keys instead of 13 and also i didn't got my op pick back which is bs.. also i had around 700 vote tokens (i got 1000 vote tokens...
  5. Dominicrockz

    Free Kits after reset!.

    I am giving away all my kits for the first couple days after the reset to the player that saves The "Elite" Faction name for me (/f create Elite) !!! Sadly I won't be able to go on after server opens so I need help on this, so kit (coal, iron, gold, diamond,emerald, obsidian, bedrock, and...