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OP Prison RESET?


New Member
Oct 15, 2020
First and foremost, I apologise for taking your time to even notice and read this message that I will compose. I, usernamed Azh8980 would like to ask if the OP Prison reset within few weeks is true and would there be any compensation to the players who actually played and invested their time in it. Well, if there is not, Im sorry but I have to say, for the betterment of the server.. the player base will slowly decrease when HRs decide to reset a gamemode without giving compensation to their sweat and hardwork. A discount in store would also not help f2p players and therefore, I hereby suggest that either only gang level and gang items reset rather than resetting everybody's hardwork without any kind of compensation to f2p players. This will eventually make the game better because players will slowly come to liking the community of this game due to understanding the time they have invested.. The one thing they cannot get back.. I am saying this on the behalf of f2p players of PikaNetwork - OP Prison with the nickname Azh8980. I still am sorry for having you read this awfully composed writing of mine and any inconvenience caused is highly regretted. I hope you'll have a wonderful day throughout your very life ^-^