op prison

  1. D

    there is no op prison rank shop in store

    so i know there are ranks in op prison but are they still available? since they dont seem to appear in store
  2. Pissarro

    What happend to selling items and making shops?

    Hello Today i was playing OP prison till i wanted to make and i discoverd that You can't do that anymore bc back in 2016 when i used to play it let you have shops now it dont is it a server problem or did it get removed ?
  3. T

    OP Prison

    Fix the mines. In mine A you get more money than mine B... THAT DOESNT MAKE SESNE. And fix inventory glitch. It says full inventory but you can get 61 more of the same item.
  4. dhmhtrhs2005


    Hi pika staff team am dhmhtrhs2005 and i have one problem at prison Yesterday am place a sign to make a shop and after the sign the console tell my [You don't have permission to do that] Pls fix this And Am buy an captain rank and now after 7 moths i dont have my rank what happend pls give me...
  5. Z

    Op Prison teleportation trappers

    I'm an active player on Op Prison. I think the server is great, yet there are some flaws - Teleportation Trappers which kill players by using the /tpahere command and breaking a block to make you fall and kill you. Im seriously REALLY mad. I have lost a "Captain" pick and some other pickaxes...
  6. B

    [OP Prison Suggestion] B3ASTxRyaNx

    Server: OP Prison Can you add more commands, OP items and ranks because when you reach Prestige E+ it gets more boring and it takes a while which i don't mind. Other Prison servers have a lot more items and commands, also it would be more better if more Staff come on OP Prison because there...
  7. T

    Bring Op Prison/ Prison Back!!!!!

    I find it ridiculous that prison is the only server that hasn't been brought!. Prison was the reason i came to pika and stayed.