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  1. V

    How do you change the names of items in survival?

    How do you change the names of items in survival on pikanetwork?
  2. Arctic80

    OpSkyBlock Trade For Survival

    Trading permanent SkyVip rank in opskyblock for permanent samurai rank in survival If you are interested message me
  3. D

    When will the new season begin?

    Hello. I can't wait to start over in survival so I'm wondering when the new season will begin. The last season lasted for almost 6 months (177 days from 30.7.2021 - 21.1.2022) and so it has been 175 days since this season began. I also think that it would be awesome if a new season began right...
  4. L

    NOT able to trade in survival

    Hi, i am LEKING001 i play survival on pika and i am getting too many errors in my account i am perm Alchemist and i am not able to trade with my villagers and i am able to do it with my alt account (Saeily) and villagers are my main source of money income so please fix this issue as soon as...
  5. K

    Vote Keye Bug

    Hello Pika-Network Team, I have a problem with my vote keyes. I have voted the last weeks nearly everyday. And i didnt opened many of the keyes. My Counter says i have 121 times voted but in my vote keye chest were only 3 keyes today... but I have voted today and many other days the last 3...
  6. Abhishek54

    Can anyone teach me how to create Player shop?

    I did the first thing to write [shop] on the first line of the sign. Now how can i set the item which i want to buy or sell . Set the price etc.
  7. X

    claiming level -59

    I've a claim at level -59. Somehow I can't resize my claim or abandon it. When I'm trying to resize it, it looks liks i'm trying to reclaim someone else's claim. Can someone please explain what is happening?
  8. ir_n

    what's your favourite gamemode and why

    hi guys I'm irony I'm just curious what you guys think the best gamemode is and why, also what do you think the worst gamemode is and why.
  9. SezarBD

    Survival server [reset]

    The survival server is almost full of buildings and many complaints. I decide to take a break until survival reset. I don't want to wait so long for a survival reset so I hope it will reset as soon as possible.
  10. C

    Does the Nether reset?

    So ive tried a couple of servers but none of them had nether reset. Does this one have nether reset?
  11. Fizzel

    plz help me i didnt get the survival rank i bough

    I bought samurai rank in survival but I waited 9 hours but I got nothin. And yes I did get charged for it. someone please help me here
  12. R

    how do i advertise shops please help i am new

    hey guys i am new here and i dont get shops too much so i didnt know how do i advertise my shops am i doing it wrong? i right clicked several times
  13. R

    insane lag in survival bug or glitch or lag machine

    there is some insane amount of lag going on in survival from the 2 or 3 days, the lag comes every 10 mins and goes of 10 mins and comes again after 10 mins, its like someone is setting a lag machine and refiling it every 10 mins, we dont know why but our ping remains same but we cant open chests...
  14. R

    Please ban TechnosGoon Minecraft playing from Tlauncher making Lag Machines

    TechnosGoon or TechnoGoon Is making Lagg Machines In survival With His Friend jdn1 they are trolling and asking for money
  15. Portiern


    So far I was using auction shop to sell my things, but one item at a time ent taking anywhere, so can somebody tell me how to create a shop please
  16. KingDevilNZ

    Players worth following...

    Please don't post yourself as one but who would you suggest is a member worth following? I take a strong interest in funny content and survival relevant content. Please suggest someone else with hopes someone also suggests you.
  17. E

    Survival /quest Not Working

    I Break Wheat... (Fully Grown) And it stays at 0/50 I mine Cobble and it stays at 0/500 SO WHATS UP WITH THAT
  18. Insults

    iimexter's false mute

    Today a player and my friend iimexter was muted on the survival server for "foreign language" although he was speaking english. He was muted by RockyGaming for "speaking georgian" even though he was speaking english. I hope that one of the staff members will see this and do something about this...
  19. teng

    Donor Shop

    I'd Like to Suggest a Donator Shop on Survival game. I've seen that many of donator player find it hard to play survival, so something came out of my mind a SHOP where you can Buy And Sell Materials (FOR DONATOR ONLY) Now Adays. Donator is like a normal player, they're only advantage was the...
  20. SezarBD

    We want justice

    We waited long time, reset survival please, we don't want to see anymore glitch/bugs or fail reset. We want complete version of playable survival server with exciting environment. I am old player of pike-network and i want to play survival on pika again and its our right. It is very unfair to me...