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    add Hypixel's map and bridge egg , pop up tower , invis potion,
  2. C


    For one week you could have: CROSSBOW (not firework crossbow) for like 20 or 24 gold? Crossbows are quite a bit better than base bows for PvP due to ability to be charged, hence why price should be higher than a normal bow. Would be pretty cool to see in a fight although idk how op it would be...
  3. B

    A problem

    Sir i have god rank seasonal And yesterday i get seasonal vip from vote crate i thought it didnt work bc i hqve uper rank so it didnt effect anything but it changed my god rank into vip rank
  4. Master_Oogway_0

    Solution to Level queuing issue |

    So I made a suggestion regarding the level queuing system that should be added to minigames, but I mentioned a flaw in it, and this is the solution to it: The flaw is that if level queuing system is added, the servers will mostly be empty and especially the players above level 50 will have to...
  5. D

    Add a Command to add Friends

    Sometimes, I find a player in Bedwars and I feel like playing every match with him as his co-operation, PvP and talking skills are good. But I can't play with them as I forget them. Even if I remember their name, it's not sure when he is playing (If he is online, I can make a party and invite...
  6. 6xthpot

    Add raid outpost

    loxplayz forced me to suggest this or he wont give me gkit ffs
  7. BobWasPenguin

    Why are there no Invis Pots & Pop-Up towers? [Bedwars]

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask some features Pika doesn't have. I've been waiting for invis pots, as it is very useful to poke and get enemies' bed. Also pop up towers are also important, Wallibear's fans like it, and pika must provide more additional items. Hypixel has it, but Hypixel...
  8. Broke_boi


    ssnl rank can be cancelled with a command that is free to everyone the reason I want this to be addded is bcuz I got scammed last time ( The Story is that 3 days before reset I got a permanent smuggler voucher but I had alr activated ssnl smuggler rank so I can't change my rank to permanent. In...
  9. T

    Bedwars suggestions

    Instead of the bedwars sidebar in doubles and solo being like this, where the tick or "X" is the same colour as the team colour, which is confusing to read quickly, make it so that the "X" is always Red or Black and the Tick is always green Like this- This is so much easier to understand...
  10. thekbwithnodude

    Suggestion: Add The Bridge to Pika

    I don't know if others have suggested this or not (many may have), but I think adding The Bridge to Pika would be a great addition to the server's list of minigames. If anyone wants to play The Bridge, they would just go to servers like BlocksMC, which actually reduces Pika players. That is...
  11. sanjay9909

    a suggestion for the opsb blackmarket

    i have a suggestion for the black market, since blackmarket has limited stock and only restocks once a day, only the richest and the players who are in the same time zone can get the items, instead just add a system where each player can get only 1 of any item/day, in that way, everyone has a...
  12. I

    Add Prestige Stars

    Add Prestige stars to bedwars it will be fun and more people will play on the server for grinding for stars.
  13. J

    BedWars | Sugestio

    BedWars suggestion: Level: measure levels more easily and therefore he will have more levels to cultivate kind : kill: 20Xp Final elimination: 40Xp beds destroyed: 70XP Winner: 150Xp and a lot here is kind in added also meter a reaction
  14. H

    there should be an option to have a 1v1 with someone in your party

    i hope this gets added in the future
  15. TheHattedMan

    Add an Anti-swear plugin

    Add an anti-swear plugin for practice, this one shouldn't be hard to do. There is so much toxicity and racial slurs being said and nothing is done about them unless a staff member is online. If it were to be added make it so that it would gives 3 warnings for wearing before a 10 minute mute or...
  16. teng

    Donor Shop

    I'd Like to Suggest a Donator Shop on Survival game. I've seen that many of donator player find it hard to play survival, so something came out of my mind a SHOP where you can Buy And Sell Materials (FOR DONATOR ONLY) Now Adays. Donator is like a normal player, they're only advantage was the...
  17. Y

    New command "/f inspect"

    Hello everyone, I was just thinking a few minutes ago about a old server JoeSample and I had played on before and of course they had a command call /f inspect and what this command did was it would show the blocks placed/destroyed, the chests opening and this also showed what was put in...
  18. ABZ_12

    Hello Again!

    Hello guys, I am back from school. I missed the server I hope I can play here again everyday, cause well its really fun here. I also suggest that: Replace the Vote crates prizes into, even more bigger prizes, so we will be able to get more votes and go to the top :D..... Regards, ABZ_12, SB GOD.
  19. SmashArmsHD

    Suggestions - Update

    Hello Community, The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a...
  20. B

    Skyblock thoughts

    So pika's op skyblock is pretty good, but having the difficulty on easy is annoying just because not enough mobs spawn like mob grineders spawn like 2 zombies per 10 min which is really bad and i'm pretty sure the mob stacking plugin removes most of the lag from mobs. So can you change the...