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  1. iSn0w

    Suggestion - Add 2 Servers

    Hi i have a suggestion for Galactix, make 2 servers so we can choose from those two, one server with 200 players is not good :P cause there are too many packets that causes lag.. this is just a suggestion pls dont hate :D
  2. P

    [Suggestion] Fix lag

    Server I am not sure if this is a problem on other servers but on Kitpvp it lags every few seconds and it is almost impossible to PvP as players freeze everytime Suggestion I know you guys are currently working on HCF but as I mentioned above the lag is ruining players experience, it's not...
  3. iMzSpEedY

    [OPFactions (And more servers) Suggestion]

    Server Basicly every server that doesn't have it Suggestion That everyone has acces to /ping in almost every server where its handy. Reason for example OPFactions. Its nice to see when you PVP and something lags if its you, or the server, or just your FPS lag. Example...
  4. Shanan

    [Suggestion] - New Servers

    SERVER - New Team BuildWars - MiniGames - such as Minecraft Temple Run , Draw My Thing Suggestion - As a lot other server has, its fun and we may even learn a lot about teaming and building. We can learn from each other, that's why I suggest to create Team BuildWars... - MiniGames such as...
  5. B

    OPFactions /wild command

    Server OPFactions Suggestion /wild command. It teleports the player to a random place in the world. 2 Hour cooldown, and its easy to set up with command blocks. Reason It will be more fun for newer players, so we wont have to spend hours trudging through the ruins of other peoples buildings...
  6. Fangston

    Pika on YouTube

    Ok, before you read this, the following suggestions are a bit difficult to follow. But, success never comes the easy way ;) #1 : Pika-Network Trailer Don't go all ninja on me, I know there are some trailers made. But what would you rate them? Sprinting, disturbed camera,no particular order...