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  1. SubjectZero


    Hello Everybody. I was playing and building in the Creative server and somebody was shooting very weird fireworks. He gave me the fireworks and i tested it. Its name was "the GOD fireworks!!" and there was a yellow text that said "Spawned in creative by psyberboy". I asked the guy that gave me...
  2. B

    suggestion that could increase the player count

    Ok. so, hello. hares the favor/isue/help request from me and all BadLion users on your server, Ok so first thing. BadLion is an mc clyent that focuses on helping players who uses it. ( you can search it up on google) what im requesting if you could accept to badlion api... by accepting this you...
  3. AdmirmentMC

    OpPrison, dying!

    Dear Higher Management, We are suffering a big trouble, which is the loss of players in the server. The server was doing great in the last year, and now things changed. OpPrison is now losing players, please think about it, some players like sirjudeYT, masterson, rayzol, E_Mc_Squared...
  4. SmashArmsHD

    Suggestions - Update

    Hello Community, The Administration would like thank everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately we have been incredibly busy lately so we have not had the chance to look at all of them yet. We have recently had a change of management and development in the team. We have new people, we made a...
  5. X


    I was wondering, if I could get a staff to transfer my champion rank from one account to another in op fac 1, or, is that just simply not possible?