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  1. D

    ClaimBlocks Bugged!

    October.29 2022 1:20 Pm I Use Godly Key To Open Crate then Suddenly I Accidentally Get Claimblock When I Use It I Didn't Get Any Claimblock So plss Fix This Issue And Can I Refund Yy Pika irons?
  2. TomiKing_

    Is this the Cleanest KILL

    View: https://www.youtube.com/embed/gop7UErDrUI
  3. i9BAR


    About five minutes ago, a malfunction occurred in PikaNetwork's server, about 50% of the players ,Before 5 minutes, got kicked out from the server, which causes those who have been in the pvp area to lose their items with high value. I ask you to make every effort to return the same items as it...
  4. TheTrueNova

    PikaAlert | I got bored at 1 am and started writing this.

    I spent around half an hour writing all the information, around 20 minutes record and about an hour editing. Uploading took around 40 minutes. Let me know what you think xd View: https://youtu.be/cfeIXbASY94
  5. slayfoxjr7

    Hello There , I am Slayfoxjr7.

    Hello everyone, I am slayfoxjr7 i am a Old Minecraft Player who played minecraft for Over 7 - 8 whole Years, i am Now 17 years old and i do stuff like Coding , Moding things, Helping people in other severs that i am staff on and Chilling with my work and love doing my hobbies . i have been...
  6. SS_EXPO0

    Bedwars Doubles with Titan Supreme Hiro | play.pika-network.net

    View: https://youtu.be/0fJvKOxt5Qs
  7. Jaz_Plays

    Please fix the Generator its Stuck to 32 iron and 6 gold when you leave it!

    Pls fix the Generator,its always stuck to 32 iron and 6 gold
  8. Jaz_Plays

    Can you add The Brigde in Pikanetwork? It will be so Popular

    If you mind pls Add the Brigde
  9. Jaz_Plays

    I suggest To make a maps like on Hypixel bedwars

    The hypixel bedwars maps are so Cool!
  10. Jaz_Plays

    I suggest if someone disconnect you need to break their bed to be Eliminated

    Pika staff if you mind pls add this feature
  11. S

    Survival - Unable to join

    Good Day Pika Members! For me When i try to join the survival server it doesn't let me join, it kicks me out saying " (!) You have been kicked! (!) Reason: PikaNetwork >> Lost connection to server. " I really do not understand. I looked at other forms It said to join to a compatible version...
  12. Disaalt

    [MOD] AutoGG For PikaNetwork - Forge 1.8.9

    This forge mod has been deleted due to possible staff issues. It might be considered as a chat macro. Create a convo with me if you want to let me revive this mod.
  13. cyx__

    2 BedWars Hackers

    these 2 guys where cheating pls ban them. name of the 2 hackers in the desc of the video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyRvGqQdQW0
  14. PhoenixmitX

    Old Creative

    I want to say that i really love creative and I Just Want THE Old Creative Because We have ranks like : 1 . citizen 2 . Novice 3 .architect :) BUt I think U dont have to change it again :v
  15. P

    Hi :D

    I am Pika Network Server Player and my IGN Is PhoenixmitX and i want to say that my pika network id cant be open and idk why but I hope u can help me to get back my Pika Network ID back > w< Please . . . MY Old Pika ID name Is PhoenixmitX and the picture is a woman with kimono i guess ... IDK
  16. PhoenixmitX

    Applying the staff

    Hi , I like to be one of u guys . I want to make our server better and help other people :D . I am 13 years old and i like this server better than other server . I hope U will accept me as ur staff and bye :D