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  1. Yonkozz

    Hey boi, I am Here check this out

    Reply+reaction they are free and u can always change your mind ig?? Umm and About me: Hii i am Yonkozz age:17 my grammer:sux Hobby: Animator and coder
  2. Snows

    My apology.-SNOWZYSSTV/Manas73

    Dear PikaNetwork Survival Community, I am writing this message do express my deepest apology towards "The Survival Community" I am sorry for any damage I may have caused and I am also sorry if it annoyed you, It was because of me and "Ruthless" that a lot of stuff got disabled on PikaNetwork...
  3. U

    Dear Staff.

    Hello PikaNetwork Staff, I am mainly reaching out to the few staff that are actually active and know what they are doing ,these staff are the following Gunfire, MrFrenco, TryHardMarktin, Axteroid, MrEpiko, Arrly, MrFatsoJr, No hard feelings if your name is not on there but you really need to...
  4. G

    i got false banned

    Dear staff team , I have been perm banned from my account cz Snowzysstv logged on it and played when i never did give him the password . He hacked my account and now i am banned , I hope i can be unbanned soon thank you. -Giovanni02130
  5. _GhostGuy

    Congratulations 🎉

    I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who has become a trial/staff/dev recently i love the way staff are letting more people into their community and giving them a chance keep up the good work and yet again Congratulations,GhostGuy
  6. A


    HLO! i want to become a staff member in pika network survival so pls make me a member and pls remove my mute in pika survival i want to be a member . My acc name is aman321277 and my name is aman shahzad from Pakistan and my age is 13 kindly try to make me staff member in pika survival . I shall...
  7. R

    LVL 43 issue

    Harvesting beetroot for level is impossible it always stays on 0, can I know if developers are working to fix this issue?
  8. L

    weko blackmailling me

    player weko on opfactions is trying to blackmail me, blackmailling is 90days ip ban according to the rules. I expect staff members to act upon it
  9. L

    Report of a staff member TTHM

    Dear Staff members. I am writing this report of complaint of the staff member named TTHM, who wrongfully gave faction Geo strike for raid interfering. I would like to point out a few facts in relations with this matter. Faction Geo has never raided another faction alongside their allies or any...
  10. Not_MacHac

    Explanation For High Ping

    I would like to know why India and some other countries, # getting super high ping in pika network . There is no announcement regarding server location change .
  11. K

    Staff help please.

    Please help me out with this staff. I can't open it and it is just a shulker. Can I please have the loot crate and not the shulker? It is a paladin loot crate I got for passing a certain level and I can't open it pls help. Thanks.
  12. S

    OPSkyblock Boss Despawning issue

    So I am at level 16 on OPSkyblock after the new reset. And I need to kill 1 boss to proceed to level 17. The issue? Well you see, the bosses apparently get so scared of the attacks that they magically DESPAWN when they're at 50% or less hp. The issue has been on for the last 4-5 days and it is...
  13. i9BAR


    About five minutes ago, a malfunction occurred in PikaNetwork's server, about 50% of the players ,Before 5 minutes, got kicked out from the server, which causes those who have been in the pvp area to lose their items with high value. I ask you to make every effort to return the same items as it...
  14. AfkLady

    opinion on pika staffs?

    what yall think about pika staffs? whos best pika staff? i think krekkers is really good staff. who agrees w me? 🤨🤨🤨
  15. U

    abilty glitch

    hello i was at 35k coins in sky wars so i got my reward for level 42 which is 5k coins and then i had 40k coins so i bought vampire 7 i went in a game and then i won so i left and i had 35k coins again and my vampire level was 6 but my reward for level 42 was redeemed and i did not have the 5k...
  16. U

    Deafeating a staff and A you tuber in 1 game while wiping the game in 1 min

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4zZMqjV_vk&ab_channel=kuramaUzumaki
  17. M


    is camping allowed in sky wars please a staff members reply would be facinating and i have few of camping report
  18. EA0_2_0_8_

    What is Pika doing? [informative]

    Disclaimer- this is not a roast thread, I am here to point out some problems. A Letter To PIka-Network What is Pika actually doing? Recently, pika suddenly appears a lot of Bad things. 1. The AC (Anti-Cheat) problems 2. Hacker problem 3. complicated way to report 4. In player perspective...
  19. S

    Well i am banned in bedwars for killaura but i was using badlion client i am innocent

    I have no idea why does the staff think I am using killaura, please help and tell me how to appeal. If any staff see this please make sure not to ban the wrong person, no one deserve ban for a situation like that.
  20. I

    Incompetence from the Staff

    Hello, i'm known as ''ivengatosgatos' in minecraft and i've witnessed a permanent ban on my friend known as ''ninjagaby'' on minecraft with just a simple lag from her computer and the Staff declared the ban as a ''NoFall''. This is completely ridiculous since there's dozens of hackers in this is...