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  1. Not_MacHac

    Explanation For High Ping

    I would like to know why India and some other countries, # getting super high ping in pika network . There is no announcement regarding server location change .
  2. K

    Staff help please.

    Please help me out with this staff. I can't open it and it is just a shulker. Can I please have the loot crate and not the shulker? It is a paladin loot crate I got for passing a certain level and I can't open it pls help. Thanks.
  3. S

    OPSkyblock Boss Despawning issue

    So I am at level 16 on OPSkyblock after the new reset. And I need to kill 1 boss to proceed to level 17. The issue? Well you see, the bosses apparently get so scared of the attacks that they magically DESPAWN when they're at 50% or less hp. The issue has been on for the last 4-5 days and it is...
  4. i9BAR


    About five minutes ago, a malfunction occurred in PikaNetwork's server, about 50% of the players ,Before 5 minutes, got kicked out from the server, which causes those who have been in the pvp area to lose their items with high value. I ask you to make every effort to return the same items as it...
  5. AfkLady

    opinion on pika staffs?

    what yall think about pika staffs? whos best pika staff? i think krekkers is really good staff. who agrees w me? 🤨🤨🤨
  6. U

    abilty glitch

    hello i was at 35k coins in sky wars so i got my reward for level 42 which is 5k coins and then i had 40k coins so i bought vampire 7 i went in a game and then i won so i left and i had 35k coins again and my vampire level was 6 but my reward for level 42 was redeemed and i did not have the 5k...
  7. U

    Deafeating a staff and A you tuber in 1 game while wiping the game in 1 min

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4zZMqjV_vk&ab_channel=kuramaUzumaki
  8. M


    is camping allowed in sky wars please a staff members reply would be facinating and i have few of camping report
  9. EA0_2_0_8_

    What is Pika doing? [informative]

    Disclaimer- this is not a roast thread, I am here to point out some problems. A Letter To PIka-Network What is Pika actually doing? Recently, pika suddenly appears a lot of Bad things. 1. The AC (Anti-Cheat) problems 2. Hacker problem 3. complicated way to report 4. In player perspective...
  10. S

    Well i am banned in bedwars for killaura but i was using badlion client i am innocent

    I have no idea why does the staff think I am using killaura, please help and tell me how to appeal. If any staff see this please make sure not to ban the wrong person, no one deserve ban for a situation like that.
  11. I

    Incompetence from the Staff

    Hello, i'm known as ''ivengatosgatos' in minecraft and i've witnessed a permanent ban on my friend known as ''ninjagaby'' on minecraft with just a simple lag from her computer and the Staff declared the ban as a ''NoFall''. This is completely ridiculous since there's dozens of hackers in this is...
  12. Onnise

    I need help when posting a builder app

    so when I want to post a builder application I did captcha and when I want to submit it tells me that error like-spam or content i don't know what please staff i need your help