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Pika Lover
May 8, 2021
So I am at level 16 on OPSkyblock after the new reset. And I need to kill 1 boss to proceed to level 17. The issue? Well you see, the bosses apparently get so scared of the attacks that they magically DESPAWN when they're at 50% or less hp. The issue has been on for the last 4-5 days and it is happening to all players in every mine of the mineworld. Dear developers, please fix this issue.
Also, a few months back, my discord was hacked, and the hacker apparently sent some threat stuff to the mods on the Pikanetwork discord (atleast what I've known from my friends that are on that server). I got my account back after 2 months, like a week ago. And I wanna appeal for an unban there too. Please do cooperate, thanks :)