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  1. NerfHasaki

    kits not available

    I am lv 20 of the pass and can t access any playtime-kit, continues to say I don t have the necessary permissions, solutions?
  2. K

    Staff help please.

    Please help me out with this staff. I can't open it and it is just a shulker. Can I please have the loot crate and not the shulker? It is a paladin loot crate I got for passing a certain level and I can't open it pls help. Thanks.
  3. NerfHasaki

    Spawner Upgrades

    Is it normal that the spawner level is periodically reset or decreasing automatically? I upgrade 3 times my E-blaze spawner at star upgrade and every time I find him at lv 1
  4. S

    OPSkyblock Boss Despawning issue

    So I am at level 16 on OPSkyblock after the new reset. And I need to kill 1 boss to proceed to level 17. The issue? Well you see, the bosses apparently get so scared of the attacks that they magically DESPAWN when they're at 50% or less hp. The issue has been on for the last 4-5 days and it is...
  5. C

    i cant PLAY THE GAME

    i found this place i used to play on, pikanetwork i hop on it and it says login last time i remember playing this i didnt need to login i obviously dont know my password so i make an account "this username has already been registered!" DUDE! what am i supposed to do then?! i see i can reset my...
  6. itszme

    PikaNetwork Survival Bug Report

    Hello, pika network’s survival players so there is a bug in the pika network survival that the villager's freeze every 10 to 20 seconds if you right-click or hit the villager it will unfreeze for 10 to 20 seconds and the developers are saying that they were working fine but the thing is they...
  7. M


    is camping allowed in sky wars please a staff members reply would be facinating and i have few of camping report
  8. M


    can anyone please help i cant join pika network in 1.8.9 for some reason but i can join it in 1.15.2 . the problem is i never do pvp above 1.8.9 pls send help
  9. S

    Survival - Unable to join

    Good Day Pika Members! For me When i try to join the survival server it doesn't let me join, it kicks me out saying " (!) You have been kicked! (!) Reason: PikaNetwork >> Lost connection to server. " I really do not understand. I looked at other forms It said to join to a compatible version...
  10. E

    Help! I can't play creative!

    I can't play creative because I am constantly kicked! But I am new on this server. My nick is: yMrJake_
  11. N

    I Need Help!

    I play Survival I put the sign in my chest but I can't open it too, I tried the break sign but I can't.
  12. J

    Change of username

    Hey! My friend and I started playing on this server one day ago (november 21 2018) and we were building a huge house. Its under the username “Florencee”, I’m an admin on that plot and my username was JustMeIris. We thought it would be a good idea to change our usernames so we’re matching. We...
  13. J

    Help me i got tp traped

    Yesterday i got tp trap into nether portal by some guy named GreatTimes or something like that and im still tp trap there and i need help can some admins/mod come on OPskyblock and tp me out of it plz
  14. D

    I got 2 ranks down??!?!?

    SO i dont have picture but if you are the owner am sure that you van see the chat from 3 hours ago i was L4 why when i logged back in i was L2?!? i had /pay /warp mine and i even opened my lapis and coal crate key ! When i got from the chests Can i have back my rank i worked 7hours on that
  15. MrJoey_

    [Lost my rank] ( joeycool10 )

    Hello, I'm Joey. Aka Joeycool10 but i changed my name to ( MrJoey_ ) But i lost my rank on joeycool10 quz if i want to login in my account and i'm logged in and i go to Factions i see that i dont have anymore my rank please help! ( i tested this on cracked mc )