1. N

    I Need Help!

    I play Survival I put the sign in my chest but I can't open it too, I tried the break sign but I can't.
  2. J

    Change of username

    Hey! My friend and I started playing on this server one day ago (november 21 2018) and we were building a huge house. Its under the username “Florencee”, I’m an admin on that plot and my username was JustMeIris. We thought it would be a good idea to change our usernames so we’re matching. We...
  3. J

    Help me i got tp traped

    Yesterday i got tp trap into nether portal by some guy named GreatTimes or something like that and im still tp trap there and i need help can some admins/mod come on OPskyblock and tp me out of it plz
  4. D

    I got 2 ranks down??!?!?

    SO i dont have picture but if you are the owner am sure that you van see the chat from 3 hours ago i was L4 why when i logged back in i was L2?!? i had /pay /warp mine and i even opened my lapis and coal crate key ! When i got from the chests Can i have back my rank i worked 7hours on that
  5. M

    [Lost my rank] ( joeycool10 )

    Hello, I'm Joey. Aka Joeycool10 but i changed my name to ( MrJoey_ ) But i lost my rank on joeycool10 quz if i want to login in my account and i'm logged in and i go to Factions i see that i dont have anymore my rank please help! ( i tested this on cracked mc )