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  1. crazysteve79

    Current Situation of OpFactions

    Greetings Pikacrafter's I have made the thread to come clear on the situation of OpFactions, Which is also one of the most actively played and top money maker for the server itself. Starting Of Season The Season Greeted us by starting on November The 17th, it started fluently but the troubles...
  2. iusehacklol

    Infinite Chest

    The Infinite Chest Sell Multiplier does not work please fix it it has been like that from the beginning of the SEASON!
  3. J

    I am stuck at someone's island

    I was grinding in someone's island and suddenly my minecraft crashed now if i go to opsb my minecraft just closes.it is happening only if i am in that island.so plz some staff tp me to spawn.IGN johnsonboss69
  4. A

    Playtime Reward Bug

    I cant claim my playtime reward. It just says I dont have access to do that. Please solve this Thanks :3
  5. NerfHasaki

    kits not available

    I am lv 20 of the pass and can t access any playtime-kit, continues to say I don t have the necessary permissions, solutions?
  6. K

    Staff help please.

    Please help me out with this staff. I can't open it and it is just a shulker. Can I please have the loot crate and not the shulker? It is a paladin loot crate I got for passing a certain level and I can't open it pls help. Thanks.
  7. S

    OPSkyblock Boss Despawning issue

    So I am at level 16 on OPSkyblock after the new reset. And I need to kill 1 boss to proceed to level 17. The issue? Well you see, the bosses apparently get so scared of the attacks that they magically DESPAWN when they're at 50% or less hp. The issue has been on for the last 4-5 days and it is...
  8. J

    Survival Villager Bug

    Respected Server Mods, since the survival worlds went down we have been facing a problem regarding with the villagers. they stand still or "freezed" for 10 -20 seconds until right clicked, then it repeats again. we are unable to breed and produce more activites with them due to this bug. we feel...
  9. P

    traded bombs (10) for 15b

    traded bombs (10) for 15b then reddemed it and the money not registering
  10. R

    Lvl 30 quest glitch

    I was doing levels, and came to lvl 30, I opened 7 keys, and my lvl progress stayed on 0/10. insted of going to 7/10.
  11. TheRealScarlaid

    My skin isn't updating in Pika and "unknown commands"

    This situation has been around long enough but I don't really bother talking/reporting about it because it still get updated every a day or so. Now it's a relevant topic because it's been a week since my last skin used until now, not even get updated Another topic is I don't know about security...
  12. M

    spawners are broken

    so my spawners wont spawn any mob OR they work TOOOO SLOW.i was in my island and after like 30min they spawned 1k sckeleton,100 witch and now start to spawn rabbit.i make the room light,dark but nothing worked.and also my spawners are: 16*cow,12*sckeleton,1*witch,2rabbit,1mushroom cow.pls help thx
  13. R

    Shulkers got bugged somehow

    I wanted to place a shulker then it just said, that I cant place it. I hope this get fixed soon. This didnt happend only to me.
  14. R

    I cant enter the end.

    So I m lvl 31 on survival and still it doesnt want to give me access to the end, can I get help?
  15. Samil_YT

    Practice Problem

    I literally don't understand this but the point solves this problem I just opened the server and I entered in this map as shown and I could hit both teams + I could pick up everything that remains on the floor Here its images:
  16. AltroG

    Paladin ability

    Anyone else gets speed instead of regeneration each time they get a kill with that ability on? Further explanation: For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, PikaNetwork recently added a new ability called "Paladin". The ability gives you a 50% chance of getting regeneration for 2...
  17. S

    Survival - Unable to join

    Good Day Pika Members! For me When i try to join the survival server it doesn't let me join, it kicks me out saying " (!) You have been kicked! (!) Reason: PikaNetwork >> Lost connection to server. " I really do not understand. I looked at other forms It said to join to a compatible version...
  18. R

    My ip was blacklisted

    Dear Ladys and Gentleman, I got Banned on my Account (DepressedScope) false of course. My IP is blacklisted for no reason its obviously a Bug i did nothing wrong. ~ DepressedScope
  19. IslamDaCat

    Bedwars duplicate bug

    when you join a game of bedwars, for example you go in a game of doubles and the player count in the waiting room goes over 16 , the map duplicates,like if the player count is 18/16 the map will duplicate once so the generator with be 2x faster and the timers too,this happend to me and the...