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  1. XzXOwerLordXzX


    Hello XzXOwerLordXzX back at it again XD.Umm so i poste this thread to tell the staff or builders or someone who can help us.Some people like me dont have good pcs so when we go pvp we struggle whit -LAG -GAPPS NOT EATEN AND SO ON... So my proposition is to tell the staff if they can add like a...
  2. QacsBrother

    Random playlist of songs (contains gang gang music)

    (If you dont like the playlist, just click off it and dont listen to it. There's no point staying around for music you dont like.) Hey guys! Here's a random playlist of songs I like and you more than likely wont. Link -...
  3. Ninja 4837

    Some tips for a Newbie Skywars player ?

    What do you guys mainly prefer doing in Skywars ? Straight go to the middle, battle the opponent beside you or just sneek in your own little island ? I really get confused often and pull out random moves as i play. What is the best way to win in a Skywars match? Any suggestion,tips would be...
  4. Ninja 4837

    How i ended up on Pika....

    Hi! Its been almost like 2 years or something that I've been registered and playing on Pika. Though most of you guys may not know me, I'm actually a really nice guy :) Let me know and hit me up with a PvP battle or anything that you'd like to know about me, help , etc. I'm waiting to meet up...
  5. Microck

    Minecraft Practice PvP release "Im back" (unbanned :D)

    Video Link- ENJOY!! Hey guys so i have a new video ill be posting atleast 1-7 video a week :D i like pika again cuz practice pvp is not pay to win!!! nice xD so i went 4/0 in the video :D i was so good undeafeted in the video (totally not sarcasm totally didn't edit out 5th game lost cuz of...
  6. mimulus38

    A french player : mimulus38

    ( I am french so my English not really good sorry ^^ ) Hi, Salut, My name is mimulus38 and i play on Minecraft since 1 year, I love this game and Faction too. Mon nom est mimulus38 et je joue à Minecraft depuis 1 an, j'aime ce jeu ainsi que le faction. I prefer english server because they are...
  7. 4SharK

    Something for OP Factions

    I played op factions for a while they added thing called ''Pool Of Death'' its used for pvp but we cant pvp on it. So can we get that poll back for pvp?
  8. L

    The Bow and Arrow Association... A.K.A - Bow and Arrow

    This game mode would be entirely unique to Pika's server if they decided to run with this. The normal mode would focus on players having an immovable platform of blocks, about 12 X 12. They would have one upgrade machine were they upgrade their bow with the tokens they earn from eliminating...