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  1. TheTrueNova

    What client do you use?

    I really want to know what clients you all use, just to see on average who uses what.
  2. UwU_ZenGodly

    What's the highest winstreak in solo skywars?

    I was wondering what is the highest solo skywars winstreak. Mine is 17
  3. nnein

    Memorial for loxolgy (post your memory of loxolgy here)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdWktLFb4NE&t=4s also sub at my channel i'd really appreciate that.
  4. 1


    h t t p s: //yo utu.be /xjblQ i8XUwA His nick - 666lorok666
  5. ThodorisTgr

    Report StarHD

  6. B

    Suggestion PVP ARENA

    Since there is no pvp in the normal world, I think an arena would be a great addition. I am pretty sure it would atract some players to the server.
  7. A


    Hope you like it!


    HOW TO BECOME A GOD PVPER ? : to begin with you must learn to be patient with yourself and not rage so much, secondly when you get good at pvp don't type L in chat or be rude to someone, lastly don't be over confident there are many players who WILL be better than you so strive hard to become...


    WE WANT MORE COMPETTIVE FEEL IN PRACTICE RANKED MATCHES : -MY SUGGESTION : Elo should be shown of the player before a match . Ranking system must be added according to Elo which would increase competitive in ranked matches -...
  10. IsolatedReaper

    I need help dealing with kb

    I play a lot of different servers....Mainly Hypixel, But pika is my fav cracked server so i used to play here a lot. But After the updates I found out that the knockback of pika and hypixel is vastly different. The pika server kb is too low..and i get disoriented switching between hypixel and...
  11. IsolatedReaper

    Knockback in PvP

    Does anyone else think the practice knockback is too low like me? Does anyone like hypixel kb implemented here? I am a 250 ping player in Hypixel but I still like hypixel kb... The kb is too low and is stupid enough in modes like combo. Even Badlion kb is better , because we can atleast get some...
  12. AlphaPizza

    EventIdea-SkyBlock Deathmatch: ClassicSkyBlock vs OP-SkyBlock

    Hello SkyBlockers- Classic and OP alike, Earlier today, OP Skyblock's well-known @IndieDemon and I were having a friendly argument over the better SkyBlock server- Classic or OP. That argument got us the idea of an event that will be both fun and will settle the debate. Please comment what you...
  13. IsolatedReaper


    I really think there is a need to increase the knockback in practice....There is very less knockback and it makes roding sometimes useless. Also the knockback in combo should be increased a little bit more as with the strength 2 pot,the player dies very quickly. Maybe its just me finding this...
  14. IsolatedReaper

    A few comments by a nerd

    The current practice server system is epic...The queueing system is god..And the Helpers in the server actually really does their work properly.... But there is one thing I dont understand....They say my ping is around 150-200..Which is perfectly fine.. But the server is always lagging and i...
  15. IsolatedReaper

    Fix Practice

    What I actually want to say is 2 simple things....First make the water and lava takeable cause it is really buggy and even when we take the source it persists.....Next what I want to say is to make blocks placeble on water I know there is a lot of spelling mistsakes,But pls forgive me
  16. RainLivesHisLife

    I figured out a tactic in winning Pika Bedwars!

    I've found a newtactic in winning PikaBedwars! :warning:Attention:warning: I found this tactic on my own, if someone or a Youtuber already said this then tough luck! I didn't copy any of them. :warning:Attention:warning: WHAT YOU NEED: *A lot of blocks (wool) *Endstone (16-32pcs) *2-3 players...
  17. L

    Just some pvp boosting stats a bit

  18. T


    Ok,I 'm a player LEGIT I'm banned beacause in the duel there is a connection lag BECAUSE I'm french and between USA and FR there is a distance then a moderator (Davidva) ban me for killaura Why ? My family is on the connection 24/24 I'm not cheat forever I hate cheater Please understand my Post...
  19. J

    Unfair ban - Baneo injusto

    Hola me han del baneado Por USAR La Escalera SI Estas agachado no te pueden empujar (Puedo demostrar) me han del eco baneo ONU injusto y Permanente (Me gusta mucho jugar un this Servidor) Aparte yo no uso ningún Cliente Que tenga El hacks Y Si pudises Borrarse el prohibición (ja Que al no aber...
  20. SozFrf

    I killed PizzaMC

    I killed him