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  1. chetan0402

    I won 4s Bedwars with doing near to no work (w/EpicGamer1934,New_To_Bedwars)

    View: https://youtu.be/8vmJEyW2O4Q
  2. VoltzzMC

    New pvp edits ;) hope you enjoy

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJKcHRzM3W8
  3. chetan0402

    DESTROYING Players in Build UHC

    View: https://youtu.be/8UY7Yk-XRZg
  4. chetan0402

    Intense Sumo Match (1min)

    View: https://youtu.be/H158dZG5gic
  5. krsy123

    I am on the leaderboards!

    I am on the leaderboards finally in the "lifetime top 15 kills" section. I know it's 12th place and its nothing to flex about but to me this never happened before lol. (I took this photo this morning so, this might have changed and I am probably out of the leaderboard now) but, just wanted to...
  6. krsy123

    You guys outdid yourselves with the update!

    This update is amazing! The new maps all look pretty good, they're well built, the design is extremely good too. The hub also looks amazing! It has lots of free space which is pretty likeable. The game mode selection screen too is just as good too. I like how it's more descriptive and, how it...
  7. krsy123

    Skywars :Editing+ Resolution and video quality enhancement.

    Hello again! Some of the people who saw my previous post may remember me, anyways, I am krsy123 (Chair 123) and, I was the person who posted the "Uncut skywars game" video. Today, I played another game of skywars but, this time I got an editing software and, Did some things with it: 1- Tried to...
  8. VoltzzMC

    ok you have to comment and like this video

    i have been making this project FOR LIKE 2 WEEKS :O View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqqRPgRPuqQ
  9. VoltzzMC

    Minecraft Montage !!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnBp0xMu7lg
  10. TheTrueNova

    What client do you use?

    I really want to know what clients you all use, just to see on average who uses what.
  11. UwU_ZenGodly

    What's the highest winstreak in solo skywars?

    I was wondering what is the highest solo skywars winstreak. Mine is 17
  12. nnein

    Memorial for loxolgy (post your memory of loxolgy here)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdWktLFb4NE&t=4s also sub at my channel i'd really appreciate that.
  13. 1


    h t t p s: //yo utu.be /xjblQ i8XUwA His nick - 666lorok666
  14. ThodorisTgr

    Report StarHD

  15. B

    Suggestion PVP ARENA

    Since there is no pvp in the normal world, I think an arena would be a great addition. I am pretty sure it would atract some players to the server.
  16. A


    Hope you like it!


    HOW TO BECOME A GOD PVPER ? : to begin with you must learn to be patient with yourself and not rage so much, secondly when you get good at pvp don't type L in chat or be rude to someone, lastly don't be over confident there are many players who WILL be better than you so strive hard to become...


    WE WANT MORE COMPETTIVE FEEL IN PRACTICE RANKED MATCHES : -MY SUGGESTION : Elo should be shown of the player before a match . Ranking system must be added according to Elo which would increase competitive in ranked matches -...
  19. IsolatedReaper

    I need help dealing with kb

    I play a lot of different servers....Mainly Hypixel, But pika is my fav cracked server so i used to play here a lot. But After the updates I found out that the knockback of pika and hypixel is vastly different. The pika server kb is too low..and i get disoriented switching between hypixel and...
  20. IsolatedReaper

    Knockback in PvP

    Does anyone else think the practice knockback is too low like me? Does anyone like hypixel kb implemented here? I am a 250 ping player in Hypixel but I still like hypixel kb... The kb is too low and is stupid enough in modes like combo. Even Badlion kb is better , because we can atleast get some...