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You guys outdid yourselves with the update!


Legendary Pika
Jun 11, 2020
This update is amazing!
The new maps all look pretty good, they're well built, the design is extremely good too. The hub also looks amazing! It has lots of free space which is pretty likeable. The game mode selection screen too is just as good too. I like how it's more descriptive and, how it shows you a bit more than the ones in the last update. The new sumo maps too are just.. too good! Seriously they look amazing! I liked the snow-themed one. It is just pretty cool and, the idea of some ice replacing water is really creative! UHC maps also look pretty amazing. The new bed wars game mode is pretty good too. It helps you practice bridging and, destroying other people's beds in the actual game mode. The maps were pretty well designed and, nicely detailed.

That's it, just wanted to share my opinion. The staff did an incredible job as always!