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  1. T

    Quitting minecraft forever :/

    Hi, my IGN is TheDanijel, and if you've ever played practice, there's a good chance that you've seen me online. I've thought about quitting minecraft a long time ago, but this seems like a good time to do it tbh. My goal was kind of made. I got diamond on practice, #2 on builduhc, #4 sg, #5...
  2. GoatFan98


    Is practice seasonal? Just wondering.
  3. GoatFan98

    Tournament won

    I won a brackets tournament, and it says, that $100 was added to your account. What does that mean and how do i use it?
  4. TimPVP

    say your opinion on classic gamemode

    i like to main classic since its simple and fun
  5. divertente

    Best PotPvP Pack Folder Release [50 packs!]

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI8AdDWlEPM hope you like the packs : )
  6. divertente

    Elo Series 🥶 | 1080+ Global ELO

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICFq1rWjImc owo
  7. U

    comboed this person the whole game

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSy055ByE28
  8. lastlegend50

    3 people in sumo

    View: https://youtu.be/FbJY7QOUoUg what's this?
  9. obvLesley

    Easter egg

    I found easter egg in practice. https://ibb.co/ZY4wqGF
  10. P

    Add The Bridge in the server

    Guys I guess the server is fulfilled with minigames but the bridge is still left. It is personally my fav gamemode and to play that i have to visit several servers which gives bad ping. its a humble request to add the gamemode to the server.
  11. cryingcar

    keyboard and mouse sounds yay

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x501CwU0eaw&t=4s yay like + sub + comment + share + give me all ur dad's money + ur mom
  12. klall

    Ping Spikes?

    I ususally get 20-30ms but sometimes ill spike to 200ish ms and then come straight back down to 40ish ms. Dunno if its just me, wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this recently
  13. krsy123

    I am on the leaderboards!

    I am on the leaderboards finally in the "lifetime top 15 kills" section. I know it's 12th place and its nothing to flex about but to me this never happened before lol. (I took this photo this morning so, this might have changed and I am probably out of the leaderboard now) but, just wanted to...
  14. T

    Bridging / Jumping Practice mode

    Is it possible to add bridging practice tnt jumping fire ball jumping into practice mode I think it will be really helpful
  15. krsy123

    You guys outdid yourselves with the update!

    This update is amazing! The new maps all look pretty good, they're well built, the design is extremely good too. The hub also looks amazing! It has lots of free space which is pretty likeable. The game mode selection screen too is just as good too. I like how it's more descriptive and, how it...
  16. krsy123

    When does the "Practice" gamemode usually reset?

    The title says it all. Just wanted to know when do the stats in the practice gamemode reset. Is there even an estimated time on when do they usually reset? I couldn't find a post that talked about this. If I did miss a post that included an answer to my question then, I am sorry. It would...
  17. N

    Can i be banned??

    Hi, i am a normal player but i can combo with 4 cps now it really look that its impossible but i can so i want to know can i get banned for it
  18. T

    Practice server 350-ish players without server problems (please read further)

    Would it be possible to like have 2 lobbyes in Practice and these lobbyes and their games would be split across 2 servers? I mean it would allow over 300 players in practise, and there wouldnt be any lag problems... Please if you read this (admins) write me a message so i can know, what you...
  19. B

    TNT jump practice

    My username: BritishSettler Suggestion: TNT jump Detailed description: So, I am not very good at tnt jumping, and I want a minigame for tnt jump practice. Thank you if you accept it! Reason(s): I just want to practice tnt jump.
  20. B

    Add a /ignore system

    Hello, this post is basically the title. I hate it when little kids start spamming /msg and spectating every single fight becuase they lost and think i'm cheating. the admins should add something like a /ignore command to prevent this from happening. I'm pretty sure some staff have /msg turned...