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  1. MrRavagen


    Theres these NPC's at spawn, but you can't talk to them. Do I need to get 1.10? I'm playing 1.9 atm. When you try talking to them it says "Unknown command" or something similar. Where are they useful either way?

    Premium Account Giveaway! [ Closed ]

    So as the title implies,am giving away a free premium account but the bad thing is that the winner won't have the security questions nor the its answers meaning that you won't be able to change the E-mail,password,skin,or name (I know this sucks but I can't do anything about it). So basically...
  3. MrRavagen

    MrRavagen is here

    This post is now here! MrRavagen, "Playing only Classic Skyblock & going to apply for staff" Mr stands for that I am a man. (single though) Any questions can be answered, but the most important thing is that I love anime! I love Gaming, Anime & Music :heart: Current status on Classic Skyblock...
  4. krstecd

    my minecraft launcher is crashing

    Hello, today i was updating my graphic drivers but something went wrong and i need to back my older driver and from now my minecraft stop working, i was watching some videos on Youtube but they don't help me, they show only how they install java, i try that and it's not working. Here is what i...
  5. RichyDash

    I wonder

    I have a few questions. First off, I have been told that a mouse with a built-in autoclicker ain't allowed. But then i started to wonder: what about a mouse with double click, or a rapid fire button or etc.? I want to know the specific limitations any one mouse can have. Like, is 20+ cps...
  6. Maggie ♡

    Happy New Year (Late) ;)

    Happy New Year for y'all (late) I wish you all had fun especially with just the vacation y'all be like hey Maggie your late to say Happy New Year ikr but that's due to my moving an acknowledged Pika-Network *shhhh that's best server ever don't tell anyone else that's our secret* ;) oh and as i...
  7. Bazzi

    Making a new faction!

    Making a new faction! This faction is for people who have good raiding abilities and is very good at pvp. Faction: LungeInYou
  8. N

    55th time introducing myself

    Hello there, pikacrafters! I'm Nixnix22, a 16 year-old guy who plays Minecraft 6 years and still sucks at it. I don't have a GF so you ladies can throw yourself at me anytime soon. I've got a hopeless Youtube channel on wich I have 1 loyal/ 46 regular subscribers. I applied for a helper 3 times...
  9. XzXOwerLordXzX


    Hello XzXOwerLordXzX back at it again XD.Umm so i poste this thread to tell the staff or builders or someone who can help us.Some people like me dont have good pcs so when we go pvp we struggle whit -LAG -GAPPS NOT EATEN AND SO ON... So my proposition is to tell the staff if they can add like a...
  10. ZaYuX

    Yoooo Sup

    So My name Is : Nasser Male 16 Years OLd Joined Pika Since 2013 Umm $50 Rank Donor Small Youtuber Nasser xX_LAST4GAMER_Xx thats my channel name so yea pretty tall ik thats it :I Bai
  11. JeremyC22

    Who has the best plots :D ?

    Vote Right Now ! (Updated) ====================== http://www.strawpoll.me/11638856 ====================== -JeremyC22
  12. ChaoticPheonix

    PayBack Recruitment application

    Hi I am the owner of PayBack on factions. I want to realise an application to join because I get asked to join about 30 times everyday so heres the application you have to full out. To apply for the faction u must have the following requirements and obey the following rules. Ign: Skype: Are...
  13. WackyCrafterHD

    Minecraft Launcher with Skins (Multiplayer)

    Ever wanted a skin in Minecraft but cant afford a premium account? Worry NO MORE Just watch this video -----> <----- (THE VIDEO IS NOT MINE CREDITS TO THE OWNER OF THE VIDEO) Using the "ely/TLauncher" you could get skins for free! Other people using the same...
  14. A

    Hey let's have fun!

    Hey guys I am AarizTheGamerYT but u can call me Aariz ----------- So if u wanna have fun and play together I got a house,dogs,chests and all stuff u will probably need so u can join with me if u want in my adventure..... So to play with me all u gotta do is ---------- Send me a friend request on...