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  1. Hazamx

    Hello everyone, I'm Hazam !!

    Hello guys my ingame name is Hazamx you can call me Hazam my minigames level is 51 and I am VIP ranked and I play practice too and my main gamemode is bridge in it and I also play bedfight, voidfight, and battle rush and my minigames main is bedwars I also play skywars a bit. I am 13 years old...
  2. kleaky

    Almost got all the finals.. :(

    my friend got the other 1 final, I don't know where the other 1 final went.. im sad now..
  3. kleaky


    someone give me titan rank uwu plspls 🥺
  4. kleaky

    I'm cringing so hard with myself

    View: https://youtu.be/Z0XWXfl-d-4
  5. kleaky


    So there's this "Lavenson" guy in bed wars and one time, me and my "friend" queued in a game with them and I told her to leave because I don't want the both of us getting upset by some sweats or something, but then the "Lavenson" guy invited me to a party but instead, I sent them a friend...
  6. kleaky

    Having a high cps be like

    I could do better, I'm so disappointed
  7. kleaky

    #3 at Yearly Finals Doubles :DD

    I want to be on #1 so bad but I know I just can't since school will be starting soon too and it'll be harder for me to catch up. Anyways, atleast I made it on #3 :D (Credits to my friend for taking this screenshot)
  8. kleaky

    #4 in yearly doubles finals!

    my eyes can totally rest
  9. kleaky

    10k kills?

    so now that i got 10k kills, i have a new goal. new goal: 20k
  10. kleaky

    #1 Doubles Monthly! :D

    I don't believe in sleeping anymore
  11. kleaky

    #1 Doubles monthly :)

    i thank my duo so much for letting me get the finals lololol
  12. kleaky

    OP player?

    fr my duo was just eating and i was just killing players lmao
  13. kleaky


    i will fr miss my stats on weekly
  14. Zacgamingpro1234

    Guys Pls watch my PVP scene I rendered

    Pls watch it
  15. Zacgamingpro1234

    Guys please watch my Render

    I made my first render using Replay Mod. Rate it 1 to 10.
  16. kleaky

    A very interesting thread

    please reply to this because im bored Discord: Jaeyo#5250 if you want to be friends hehe
  17. kleaky

    Winning against teamers?

    View: https://youtu.be/YRHGAMHHHRA
  18. S

    Voting crate keys

    I voted on all the links successfully and when I got to the mc account I got no keys. There was a message in chat saying "SpaceDenis voted and received x1 voting crate key" but I got nothing in my inventory (not full) and maildelivery/gift. I have no idea why and I hope that pika will solve...
  19. XyzCraft

    How To Kill Noob Players Without any Tool in Minecraft Bedwars?

    Hello Guys, Please Like And Subscribe!
  20. XyzCraft

    How To Kill A Noob Player in Minecraft Bedwars?

    Hello Guys, Please Like And Sub :-)