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  1. AxPeR6t9


    Are y'all frustrated with these hackers? I'm so done with them
  2. GodSavage

    [Guide] Defeating Hackers in Bedwars

    Hello legit players, You might have faced Hackers in your bw games. Some of you might have defeated the Hacker and some of you might have lost your ws to hacker. So, This Guide will help you to defeat Hackers and save your ws! Before starting take a look at description of some common hacks...
  3. mp69420

    player flying on my island in opskylock

    there's some player who is been flying around my island and while i am grinding blaze, he steals alot of blaze rods and heads, he is not in my island member list and this is been going on since 3 days, please help
  4. 3x0v

    Odd latency, insane knocback and a countless amount of players using auto-clickers

    [1/3] Practice has many odd lag spikes, any other minigame I play on I get a stable connection of 50-80 MS but on practicepvp my ping rises tremendously [2/3] Also many other popular servers configure the knockback on practice, on pika-network however W-tapping and other popular PvP methods are...
  5. Index_gamer

    Skywars hackers

    Today my friend played 5 skywar games and he found 6 hackers in them. Playing skywars these days is soo bad. Almost 6 out of 10 games you will find a hacker. And not just like super fast god bridger. Tp'ing hacker. Staff please do something.
  6. D

    What's with increasing players promoting FDP Client?

    This happened more than a few times in some bedwars lobbies but when I recently started playing skywars again, there would be at least one game with a blatant hacker (1 out of 7 games, I'm betting) just effortlessly winning. Or maybe it's my terrible luck in queueing? High-ranked players easily...
  7. M


    So, me and my friends were playing on the server (we play there every day) and those people made two Swastikas in the game. One of my friends is black and it was a disrespectful moment. We can't find how to report so I decided to post here. We will not play on the server until they are banned. I...
  8. NimydesuYT

    The Best Way To Defeat a Hacker

    SIDE NOTE: I do not recommend hacking on any server because it will ruin the experience for others and will get you banned on servers, and the same goes for promoting said hacked client(s) because it might get you muted/banned on the server that promoted on, Thanks The best way to defeat or...
  9. J

    Clutching against a team of hackers

    View: https://youtu.be/fR8DqVqJPRc (Pls like and Sub)
  10. byaly7

    Hackers on Bedwars.

    Hackers on bedwars. 100% Kill aura, antiknock, aura. Please ban them: * AludDunggio * Leonard_ZX
  11. terriboy

    hacker in practice

    there are so many hackers on practice its unbelievable. one of them is xX_NightDemon_Xx he uses auto clicker and morrena
  12. T

    I Found a hacker

    And I Got zi video proof of a video It's right here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o4iT9udhbZl8zY1EQOTLuFkt33-2BQXl/view?usp=sharing The reason why I Say "hacks" Is because of how far away he hit me, Changing view to other people in a second, And hearing there armor breaking yet still having...
  13. L

    Hacker KitPvP

    HEY , IF U GO to kitpvp then u see alot of hackers , why? Why noone from staff not here and do something. That people who dont hack is aungry and leave server. Please go check or set anticheat , u need to do something.
  14. B


    I am trying to play some PracticePVP but most of the time I go into hackers and that ruins my gameplay and every other game if there is a report command for members can someone please tell me.I really need to report them.
  15. G

    Admins Hacking for: DutchminerHD

    Dutch, if you are reading this or any other staff member, i want to ask you one question: Why do admins hack and why do you let that happen? I've been playing on pika network for 2 years now and i never saw any admin hacking, but recently I've gotten into bedwars and the first time i saw an...
  16. E


    Okay so i was playing OP Factions 2 and then i added someone to my faction and he betrayed but i couldent kill him cause he had Kill Aura and reach and i couldent come within 10 blocks of him without getting hit by him and i loaded up jigsaw to see the Hacker Detector and this is what came up
  17. S

    Unbanned Hackers on BedWars

    I'm very new to the Pika Network server and I recently just started playing Bed Wars. The game is very fun but the thing I dislike about the game are the hackers. I've seen fast bridge, insane reach, and a whole lot more! It's not fun to play by the rules when other players don't. I really hope...
  18. Sapperdeflap

    Add new maps!

    The maps now are not old but its time for a new map! Maybe a new Free kit?? Or only this kit with points? -Sapperdeflap
  19. MikeZ3Great

    What shall I do on my YouTube channel now!?

    Hey! So I've been making YouTube videos for a while now on my channel, MikeZ3Great but I've been really inactive for a year or so. So I figured the only way to bring my channel back to life would be to ask you guys for some advice. What would you like to see? I've already made a video on how to...
  20. RcBruder

    Kit pvp hackers

    So i know its not posible to stop the hackers. But i feel like its being swept under the carpet. I am a Ultimate+ rank and i know how frustrating it is to die by a hacker. But dying by 3-5 hackers is VERY ANNOYING. I know that pika is expanding. But, Either its time to get more staff, or...