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  1. hvpxr

    [OPP] Buying permanent ranks (gangster+) for tokens, willing to pay price of your liking

    Apart from that, I am also selling tokens in OPPrison for Pika GC.
  2. itsdruglovexx

    3 Skylegends for 20e pika gc each

    2 on csb 1 on opsb all are perma i've had t hem for so long i dont want them just buy them already. Store price is 37,5e so its almost double less than that. DM me on disc bby we could glot#1402 or msg me here on forums or the thread
  3. C

    Rank help

    Hello guys, I'm a new player and I'm playing OP Factions, can someone please tell me how can I get the immortal rank, or where can I buy it? Thanks
  4. bardock_amc

    a thread

    daddy dadddy dadddy can i have free rank
  5. Krekkers

    Store prices in Vietnamese dong (ranks)

    Factions{ Pro: 272728,52 Hero:681821,31 Ultimate:1363642,62 Mythic:2045463,93 OverLord:2727285,24 Legend:5454570,47 Master:10909140,95 } Skyblock{ SkyVip:272728,52 SkyHero:681821,31 SkyLord:1363642,62 SkyLegend:2045463,93 SkyGod:3409106,55 SkyKing:6136391,78 } Prison{ Smuggler:272728,52...
  6. RunYourShordie

    Donator Rank

    Hello Staff, My username is Darth_Hydra and I was an Orignal player of the Pika Networks and active on OP factions. I logged on today, after maybe a year and see that my rank of Donator has been removed and rankings have changed. I'm not sure if the server is under new management or something...
  7. sstef_

    Lost rank

    Was there any resets or something like that, because last year I was rank Free and now I'm Prestige-T? And can I somehow get my rank back?
  8. TheRealTylersRaid

    OP Fac 3 years

    Hello there i bought Custom+ long time ago when before the new owner now its "God" Rank but i cannot get others kit like Pro to Lord pls help me fix this IngameName = TylersRaid

    Donator Kits. What we paid for and want vs what we're actually getting

    Hi so I was on here two years ago and purchased a SkyPaladin rank which is now SkyLegend and two years ago I was able to use both my kits once every 24 hours. Why was this changed to only once for the kit with keys and ore blocks and once every two days for the regular kit with the armor and...
  10. K


    I've Done Everything at /warp rank but i still have L1, also Its says to me that i've reach the 2hrs of gameplay means that im already done with that also i have 100k+ then i have 900+ Mcmmo also 5votes+ But Why do i still have L1 Rank?
  11. MrRavagen

    Question about last 2 ranks

    So what does Wizard and Noble have? Slendy allready mentioned about Samurai, Ninja, Warlock & Alchemist, but not Wizard and Noble. I believe they were added later on, but I have no idea what do they contain. If I can get some information about them first then maybe people will buy them. This...
  12. MrRavagen

    Ranks? What do each 1 do?

    Before I want to buy any rank, can I know what does each 1 do? /warp ranks doesn't help. /warp library doesn't exist. So I found out that Unicorn gets Repeaters & Minecrarts, but what else do they get? Mystic? Custom? Before I waiste money can I get knowledge of each of them, thank you :)
  13. P

    lost cobra rank

    so me and my firend AxelTheNemo logged on to see axels rank gone he was rank cobra and now hes rank titan why did this happen please help us
  14. Austun

    creative ranks

    hey so i came back from my school and when i logged in in the server i found that there is a new update remove the design of the plots and removing the ranks and adding levels i mean Updates are good right but what im angry about is removing ranks ranks is what make people build to make them...
  15. BeastBearYT

    L6 Statue

    Hello If Any Admin Sees This Please Relpy I Am The First Player In Skyblock History To Ever Reach The L6 Rank And I Was Wondering If Me And The Next 2 Players To Reach L6 Could Possible Get A Statue Of Us (Like The Bal And Days Statue) In The Spawn? I Think This Was A Good Idea :D Please Relpy.
  16. YasinErkilic

    Rank L2 Broken

    Before we begin let me tell you guys that this happened to me and a few friends of mine. We all met the requirements to L2 but the game didn't recognize it. We all got a similar looking message when we do /ar check. Can someone tell us how to fix the issue because we tried relogging and server...
  17. B

    [OP Prison Suggestion] B3ASTxRyaNx

    Server: OP Prison Can you add more commands, OP items and ranks because when you reach Prestige E+ it gets more boring and it takes a while which i don't mind. Other Prison servers have a lot more items and commands, also it would be more better if more Staff come on OP Prison because there...
  18. Shanan

    BuildWars - No Permission For Everything

    I was trying to get Ultimate key with /kit but says NO PERMISSION. So I got curious, I thought 'didn't I buy the item from /bs?' so I did /bs to check still says NO PERMISSION. then I saw I dont even have my rank. Cant even do /points me. cant do /nick , cant do color chat [yes i bought all] Its...
  19. Shanan


    So, I recently saw this signs (See Below). It said a name of a rank - then pts. Basically we can buy ranks with points? Is it true? Can we buy Arcade ranks with points in BuildWars? if yes how do I do that? Is not true? Link: http://bit.ly/1SrKVTW