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    Help pokeballs

    i need help asap! i do get the messages saying i picked up a pokeball but the problem is i dont know how to redeem it its not there in my inventory and i dont know where or how to redeem them
  2. S

    Voting crate keys

    I voted on all the links successfully and when I got to the mc account I got no keys. There was a message in chat saying "SpaceDenis voted and received x1 voting crate key" but I got nothing in my inventory (not full) and maildelivery/gift. I have no idea why and I hope that pika will solve...
  3. F

    Chest in the mines

    When I open a chest when I'm mining it says "You can't open that here" I'm new to the game
  4. M

    When is The Reset for Opprison?

    when is the reset for the Opprison server?
  5. C


    I have tried to join events at least 5 times by now. I have taken the advice of others and still can't seem to get in any event. I wait after an event starts (I have never been told for how long) and can't seem to get in one. Are events actually just broken? Because this is ridiculous. Someone...
  6. C

    Leveling Up Monkey Pet

    I have been trying to level up my monkey pet while mining, but it's not leveling up. I thought mining would level it up. How do I level up my monkey pet?
  7. S

    Unique, Godly Freedom Crates gone

    Unique Godly and Freedom Crates were gone this morning. This might be bug Heres the photo: https://www.linkpicture.com/q/crates.png
  8. hvpxr

    [OPP] Buying permanent ranks (gangster+) for tokens, willing to pay price of your liking

    Apart from that, I am also selling tokens in OPPrison for Pika GC.
  9. Monci_YT

    Ranks OPPrison To OPSB Ranks

    Seasonal Smuggler Rank For Seasonal SkyVIP Rank
  10. WitherCat210

    How to open backpack?

    please help! How to open backpack?
  11. M

    I don't know how to do OpPrison Level 5

    I went to the ice ax upgrade, but I sold it at the auction (/ Ah 100), but it didn't go any further. What should I do?
  12. Slayton2007

    Awesome inventory (amazing pickaxe, multiple keys) for 50k tokens

    Hello, i deperately need 50k tokens in op prison if someone wants to trade with me text me on discord Slayton#9059 or check if im online I am trading my whole inventory for 50 thousand tokens, its the best deal anyone can ever find!
  13. I

    How do i trade tokens ?

    How do i trade tokens with somebody ?
  14. G

    I brought rank on OpPrison and still didnt recieved it

    I bought gangster rank on OpPrison whil i was banned and i got unbanned tommorow i recieved every other rank instead in OpPrison. That photo that i attached is things i bought and gift card that i won on gw so its 49$ and i bought my friend epic keys. i got some spare so pls give me my rank.
  15. Max

    Update OpPrison - Reset | December the 5th 2020

    OpPrison - PikaNetwork 2020 December 5th 2020, 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST Greetings PikaCrafters, It has been a while since we have had a reset announcement, hasn’t it? Well we are excited to announce this brand new reset we have planned for prison! The reset...
  16. Deba26

    Ping issue

    Op prison is now just unplayable for me i just spawn and stay stuck at a place and get kicked saying server closed but its probably because i was glitching in one place and Pika as a whole now has a bit high Ping. IDK if this is a me problem or an us problem but anyway Just want to let you...
  17. Sakuraboy

    [SURVEY] What max mine own you?

    Hello guys, today I suggest to participate in survey. What is max mine you own? As for me, I own J mine. Also sorry if I made grammar mistakes. Edited: I have already bought L mine :)
  18. TryHardMarktin

    [GUIDE] | How to play OP Prison (BASICS)

    What is OP Prison in the first place? OP Prison is a game mode on PikaNetwork where your goal is to mine resources in order to make money or tokens and use it to rank up or purchase something on the server! Now that you know the game's mechanics, let us give you a tour and some commands that can...
  19. _Meoweasy_

    Why is opprison shutdown everytime someone joins or After A Few Seconds ?

    sometimes it would shutdown without warning but this is starting to piss off a lot of players that play in that server considering the moment anyone joins it crashes/closes instantly, what's going on ? is it getting a reset or someone screwed with the schedule all together ? I'm beyond confused
  20. Axteroid

    I need help

    so i was checking my punishment list and i found a warning it said 1st warning had a link to a picture, but only thing i saw was my message Which was typed only three times , i was wondering if typing same thing three times was spam or not, i can't really see or find if three times is enough for...