1. 0

    Downfall of KitPvP Hacker And Ban Evader Avanay, Ausg

    View: https://youtu.be/Une--Hk1Fuw
  2. 2am_anon

    What's with increasing players promoting FDP Client?

    This happened more than a few times in some bedwars lobbies but when I recently started playing skywars again, there would be at least one game with a blatant hacker (1 out of 7 games, I'm betting) just effortlessly winning. Or maybe it's my terrible luck in queueing? High-ranked players easily...
  3. Dimitris184

    Many cheaters

    So I've recently been playing a little bit too much of practice and I notice many players having unfair advantages (autoclickers,clients etc) I think mods should investigate on practice a little bit more and not rely on the anti cheat - console :D
  4. Y

    Can you ban NEWBEDWARSNEWBIE and Truemast for teaming and hacking on me , they have a mild reach and were teaming

    Can you ban NEWBEDWARSNEWBIE and Truemast for teaming and hacking on me , they have a mild reach and were teaming heres the video proof View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_1JI37JZoA
  5. Dee_Yeti

    I need YOUR opinion

    here is a screen rec i took, i want you guys opinion on whether this is enough proof that yellow and green are cross teaming. i reported them but staff says "not enough proof". u can see yellow not breaking green bed, and the wool yellow had placed as a tnt cover on greens bed. so yellow was...
  6. T


    ADMINS, THERE IS THIS REALLY ANNOYING HACKER NAMED Dr_Minestein. He's got killaura and he can also break beds without even breaking the blocks around it. Please ban him pleassee. HE KEEPS JOINING GAMES AND IS A PROBLEM FOR EVERYONEE!!!
  7. DUXY_O

    Anti kb hacker \ I won ;>

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKSqecgm6Pk&feature=youtu.be
  8. FintanFire

    Hacker Report

    alright so there are 2 people Enerobloxi and nesconask. They both were teamed also nesconask was reaching i forgot to record the proof of that but its true. Also i couldnt post videos on here what do i do
  9. 1

    Hacker in practice

    This is video where he using hack h t t p s : / /w w w . y o u t u b e. c o m / w a t c h ? v = R 1 A Z b _ 9 G T M U & f e a t u r e = y o u t u . b e His nick - TTGamer04
  10. Grenxotic


    I found a hacker in skywars, his name is Holzwurm03, first i tried to knock him with eggs and he didn't get the knockback, then i dig a block below him and he fell into void, but he just flew back up and killed me.:mad:
  11. Z

    Hacker please red staff

    Hi, a player on the server called LunarusIRL uses killaura, reach, fly, bjump/bunnyjump and more! The player is most likely to be a hacker, you should ip ban him so he cant join on ny other alt accounts/ other accounts. I will be happy if i can get a comment before or after he has been banned!
  12. sneakingmafia

    hacker.Just hacker

    sojuu.was hitting me very fast and he wasnt taking knockback.also he got 5 kills.
  13. X

    I found an Hacker in Bedwars

    His Name is jeewishspongebob he used Skaffold walk and nonockback please Keep an eye on him!
  14. 9

    Is there a YouTube rank I can apply for?

    Hello, Im Helogigs A Small Minecraft YouTuber, And I was wondering if there was a YouTube rank I could apply for Here is some information about my channel: Username: Helogigs YT Username: Helogigs Subscribers: 70...
  15. acika14

    Hackers Video Proof

    Multiple hackers that everyone has to deal on a daily bases. This is a reason why bedwars needs a lot of active staff online so players will feel safe and will be satisfied. Thats why i decided to make a small montage and upload it on youtube,Enjoy!!! chanel name : acika14 :P
  16. A

    Hacker,Kinda Proof

    He Used The Spammer For The LiquidBounce Client It Only Shows That When You Activate It {obviously}
  17. Z


    Okey so i've recorded coolgamerguy161 speed hacking. Proof. View: https://youtu.be/Y2UcFtN3vXo
  18. K

    Reporting Hackers

    Hello staff members of Pika-Network! I have been experiencing a lot of hackers on OP-Factions 1 Some of them are: Protective69, paulgamingroman5, KlolK, andries2002 and Angel316. I also have some of them on a video:
  19. PvpNo1

    Caught a hacker with proof

    This is my first post but still I play daily for 2 - 4 hours and encounter minimum 5 - 6 hackers daily. Which is really irritating but today i had recorded some hackers Today in this video u will find 2 hackers in here but there was actually 6 hackers they killed each other before i could...
  20. K

    Please fix this

    I have been seeing a lot of hackers lately in Practice, they should be auto banned by anti-cheat, but they are not. Is there a way to report them in-game?