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  1. Old_Prophet

    suggested change of rule

    i would advice to change the bold part in this rule to "the same or similar message". Spamming the chat as a faction and making it unreadable will result in a faction punishment instead of a standard warn/mute. This means if there are 6+ faction members sending the same message in the public...
  2. ir_n

    what's your favourite gamemode and why

    hi guys I'm irony I'm just curious what you guys think the best gamemode is and why, also what do you think the worst gamemode is and why.
  3. Braincel

    Brand New Season Of OP-Factions

    Welcome to Threat ➤ What we offer: » Constant Raids for you to take part in » Advanced and professional leadership team »Active Members »High Skilled-Techniched Players »Well Organized & Active Discord Server ➤ What we're looking for: » Advanced players with experience in every aspect of...
  4. solimon


    Today i just woke up and came online. I go on factions and get kicked for 'client modifications'. This sometimes happens to me if i glitch into a block but i was at spawn so there's no chance of that. I go on again and get a 1 day ban on both my accounts??? Does anybody know why this is...
  5. H

    About normal factions

    hi! so maybe admins, moderators or owners can answer me so q is, why in normal factions over claim is turn off? and when that will be turn on? and if it is for ever then only how can raid is building a canoon or have some another way how to raid? tnx Staff if u answer!
  6. Ace

    Was Poppin Pika Fam! Been too Long...

    Was goin on Pika family, Its been a very long time since I've actually played MC. Not to sure if anyone from 2015+ still plays on Pika or not, but if y'all do wassup OG's. How y'all been? For those of you who are new and probably have no clue who I am. My IGN is GhostSp33d1, Ive been playing...
  7. J

    redware tryed to inside ME

    redware did try to inside me and he made so dump a tnt canon in claimed terretory here some proof! he was in my fac so yeah now hes ofline for now idk he joined a ally from me and /enemy me he did not had acces to do that becouse me and that is a friend of me so hes mad to so i hope you guys...
  8. Ethopiq

    Feedback to last faction season and some suggestions for the future one!

    Last faction season was pretty decently made. It exceeded my expectations, but it still needs more improvements to make season more enjoyable. I've asked some of my faction members for their own opinion and feedback to the season and this is pros and cons I've collected from that. PROS: ●...
  9. I

    I want to make a deal

    Dear voodooje0 or Gunfire I was wondering if there is any chance I could buy a permanent Haste 2 on Faction Server for about $10/8.60 EURO. Please let me know if there is any way of doing so...


    HOW TO BECOME A GOD PVPER ? : to begin with you must learn to be patient with yourself and not rage so much, secondly when you get good at pvp don't type L in chat or be rude to someone, lastly don't be over confident there are many players who WILL be better than you so strive hard to become...
  11. XBON123

    Something New?

    •Introduction Hey my name is XBON i em a player on pika op facs 1 i em currently a donator+ rank and i got some years playing on pika under my belt.I played on many servers over my 4-5 years of playing minecraft crossed many blocks and a lot of conquer i did on factions. •Idea I Know staff and...
  12. MangoKisa

    MangoKisa - Introduction

    Hey, Im MangoKisa. Im 14 Year old player who likes to play different gamemodes. I like to play with friends and have adventures with them. I like Factions, Prison and Skyblock. Other gamemodes doesn't intrest me so much. I like to help people who need help or/and are new to the server. I like to...
  13. S

    Problem To Upgrade A Emerald Rank To Obsidian

    Today I tried to upgrade my emerald Rank to Obsidian Rank but I can not because it shows me that I can only upgrade from diamond to emerald but I am already emerald help please and my name is sniper_man
  14. Emminence2

    Why you should want ME in YOUR faction

    Hi, there My name is Sander from the Netherlands (yes...I know I'm a "dutchy", better known as Emminence. I'm an OG on PikaNetwork Factions, Kit-PVP, Survival games, and Survival. The first time I joined PikaNetwork was in the KrazyKaos420 and Panda era, that's early 2013 for you young folks...
  15. DiaMic

    Factions Idea's

    I have some good idea's for the factions server: - You can add more crates like "The Legendary" crate. - You can add like a better anti cheat system so people won't use killaura etc. - You can add daily rewards and daily/weekly/monthly/yearly kits Greats Micah (DiaMic ingame name)
  16. Old_Prophet


    I know that politics is something that most of the people on a game server are not involved in, and that is probably a good thing. But that is one more reason to not accept Faction names and Nicknames like this. Maybe i'm just an old knacker, but I believe that you should not promote evil. And...
  17. MCPlayer

    Recruiting For Big Faction

    Hi, as you can see in the title, I'm recruiting for my faction. The fac's name is Cosmic and the faction is open so you just need to do /f join Cosmic. No power/rank requirements or anything. Just join. One problem might be we don't have an /f home :/, the reason is we got raided like 2-3 times...
  18. XzXOwerLordXzX

    Dupilication glitch by Donators

    Hello.My name is XzXOwerLordXzX. Today i post this thread to alert the staff and the players about Donators.They are taking ingame money and items to duplicate: -Armour; -Rare Items; -Crate Keys; -Credits; -Tokens and much more -Link to the video on YouTube: I think the staff should look in to...
  19. T

    Monster spawner % Drop Rate.

    I want to ask whats the % of the monster spawner drop rate or you can get them only by breaking them with silk touch pickaxe cuz if you do that would be stupid and the server will be PAY TO WIN and for the ones who doesnt want to pay for the game - guess what , they are going to leave . And...
  20. _TheDarkDragon_

    MysteryMobSpawner - BROKEN!!!

    Hey Guys, I've been playing on the server for the past few weeks on Galactix Factions. I discovered about the mystery mob spawner and a glitch. I opened one and got a mooshroom. I opened another, the same thing. My ally/friend Meme opened 2 and both were creeper spawners. I then opened another...