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Was Poppin Pika Fam! Been too Long...


New Member
Feb 29, 2016
Was goin on Pika family,

Its been a very long time since I've actually played MC. Not to sure if anyone from 2015+ still plays on Pika or not, but if y'all do wassup OG's. How y'all been?
For those of you who are new and probably have no clue who I am. My IGN is GhostSp33d1, Ive been playing Pika ever since its actually released. I was very young back then. Came back in 2015 started playing again got into Factions and OpFactions. Made a name for myself across the server. Opfactions, Factions, KitMap, and Practice. I was one of the most known players on both the faction servers (PvP). I began a Youtube series on both Faction servers as a small faction and worked my way up. Met some cool lads on the way n later became friends. Our faction roster started to become larger n from there we became #1 on both faction servers. Since then everyone became well known from there.

For you new players starting off in factions or opfactions. Key is to make friends. The game isn't as fun as unless you got a squad with you! Interact with others, become one of the most powerful factions anyone has ever seen! Be GREAT!

That is all that I have to share at the moment. BTW. When I get my account back on pika I might start recording again so if anyone would like to see the OG's back in action, Check out the YT channel @GhostSp33d1


Ultimate Legendary Pika
Mar 2, 2017
I am playing here since 2013 most kitpvp, but I remember you welcome back my mate!