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  1. awks

    Bedwars Map Selection

    So, Bedwars map selection has been in the game for quite a while but a very big downsight is that it doesn't work. It's honestly really annoying that they've added it and it doesn't even work since most maps I queue (especially in Solos and Duos) I don't like and I have to queue again. Some maps...
  2. Mehmet410

    Disconnecting mid-game to save winstreak.

    Yesterday, me and my team played an hour of triples, and during this session, we encoutered a team of sweats, one of whom was awks, who is now on the weekly and lifetime pika bedwars leaderboard for highest winstreak. We rushed them and were killed, they rushed us and met the same fate, and once...
  3. ItsLmb

    Uncut ASMR Bedwars

    Two uncut Bedwars games... I hope you will enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment and tell me if you like this kind of content View: https://youtu.be/v_XL-SOXBzg
  4. ChuckleLover

    Building Giant L's in bedwars : D

    View: https://youtu.be/HMfsrNzBn-4
  5. KarimBenzeboum

    most trash map bedwars

    Me who is a big consumer of double in bedwars I find that the current maps are boring I regret the old Pika who had beautiful map as cave stonekeep airshow. Nevertheless, the map planet ea is correct in contrast to aquarium macho cuniculus. Please put good map or old as cellar
  6. LuxurySharton


    vIDEO cHECK IT OUT One like it took so much GPU cosumption plzzzz
  7. Y

    invisible posions

    pls add invisible posions to bedwars
  8. momento10

    Giving Ranks For FREE on Pika-Network!

    Like & Subscribe also Leave Comment!! View: https://youtu.be/skFSWb8jaNk
  9. BlackVenomOP

    So, PikaNetwork Got Some Updates...

    How You Guys Think Of This Update, In My Opinion Everything Is Fine But, The New Kb System They Introduced Is So Bad... Like Sometimes It Gives More KB And Sometimes It Gives Less Kb... Its So Broken.
  10. iiAdxorable

    Kill count next to kill messages

    So recently I've been seeing people with a kill count next to their kill messages, I was wondering how to get that. I think you need a certain number of kills and it automatically applies. I think-
  11. M

    how to get better at bedwars

    get better thats it i like turtles
  12. BobWasPenguin

    Why are there no Invis Pots & Pop-Up towers? [Bedwars]

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask some features Pika doesn't have. I've been waiting for invis pots, as it is very useful to poke and get enemies' bed. Also pop up towers are also important, Wallibear's fans like it, and pika must provide more additional items. Hypixel has it, but Hypixel...
  13. momento10

    Bedwars But If I Die, Challenge is Random With GametBoyInd!

    View: https://youtu.be/H-e-sq3lbwA
  14. BusyFire

    Busy's Introduction

    Hi i guess il take a try on this aswell.. So hi, my name is BusyFire But almost everyone i know calls me Busy, I consider myself a dog, not a furry just a dog. I turn into a dog at night and go on to play pika bedwars and skywars everyday. Im currently level 18 on pika and wanna get to 100...
  15. BusyFire

    i did a few oopsies

  16. BusyFire

    What do you buy first?

    I was just wondering What do you guys buy first when it comes to upgrades i myself am a sharpness guy curious to see your answers.
  17. BusyFire

    Memes + Bedwars == FUN?

    Hey so ahm i got a video here and its like fun i guess idk you rate it i guess its memes + bedwars on pika took about 3h to edit so would be nice to show your feedback by commeting here or on yt :D Video link: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A37YfSStcFY
  18. D

    How many wins do you have per level?

    This is for me to find out if completing quests actually make a difference.
  19. P

    Hits dont register -_-

    A lot of people have been experiencing this weird hitreg 'glitch', where u hit the other player, but they just dont take any damage. @PikaNetwork can you please try to fix this asap cuz its very annoying. Heres a clip of me showing this 'glitch' View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YnFvSjsbw0
  20. M

    man, bedwars is ruined

    the new maps suck, like they're so wierdly made, making them extremely hard to play, the old ones however are still on the server but with changes, bone dry is probably the worst defender, they removed the quarter moon islands and made the map smaller overall, it's such a bad downgrade, lectus...