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  1. kleaky

    #3 at Yearly Finals Doubles :DD

    I want to be on #1 so bad but I know I just can't since school will be starting soon too and it'll be harder for me to catch up. Anyways, atleast I made it on #3 :D (Credits to my friend for taking this screenshot)
  2. Valex

    My First Edited Bedwars MONTAGE

    hi guys I have edited my first ever montage pls check it out and like share subsribe and make sure to suggest what correction I can make next Time i edit .. Click HERE
  3. kleaky

    #4 in yearly doubles finals!

    my eyes can totally rest
  4. Blackninja127

    Ending bedwars games with fireballs

    View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=YBhcP6lVMT8&feature=share8
  5. Blackninja127

    Bedwars no diamond upgrade challenge

    View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=tFqS2I2dW60&feature=share8
  6. Blackninja127

    I can't bridge

    View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=QqH6rdGhBHo&feature=share8
  7. Blackninja127

    Pov: u have trash aim + wifi

    View: https://youtube.com/shorts/EptLSizJyCM?feature=share
  8. WakiSnake

    Block Bugs in Bedwars

    So I was playing on 4v4v4v4 Bedwars game, when me and some of my friends discovered something, I don't know if It's a glitch or bug, just watch the video below you'll understand! Note: It ban the player for one hour. The video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWoYXIjUfmg
  9. Blackninja127

    Portable shopkeeper and upgrades?

    View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BAzjyXpqSFQ&feature=share8 The server was dying while i was recording this video
  10. Cryphiy

    Auto-Hotbar Sorting (Bedwars)

    This feature is so necessary and I am surprised it is not added in the server yet. Like hypixel, there should be a way to sort items in a specific slot. The unavailability of this feature means that it is almost impossible to play sweaty 4v4/3v3/2v2 bedwars, as when you die, all the tools and...
  11. ItzMrTurbx

    Pika use Servers or Worlds for Bedwars?

    Hello, ItzMrTurbx Here. I had 3 am thoughts and i was wondering if pika's using servers or worlds to host bedwars games And i mean most of servers use a plugin called "Multiverse" so they can teleport players through different worlds in minecraft and play Or they use Bungeecore Software so they...
  12. Deity

    Best Kill Animation in Bedwars

    What's the best kill animation in bedwars that can be purchased with ing coins? ik this might be based on preference, but tell me ur favorite ones
  13. chetan0402

    In-game statistics checker mod

    PikaStatsMod v1.0.5 PikaStatsMod lets you check anyone's statistics in-game using the command /pikastats AND shows fkdr of players in player tab in BW and SW For example:- Tab showing the fkdr of other players To check my bedwars statistics /pikastats Chetan0402 bw Want skywars weekly...
  14. kleaky

    10k kills?

    so now that i got 10k kills, i have a new goal. new goal: 20k
  15. Blackninja127

    Insane bedwars gameplay

    View: https://youtu.be/N3OPzjM0mOI
  16. ItsSanuk

    Is This Real BedlessNoob? #Bedwars.

    IS THIS REAL BEDLESSNOOB??? Please tell me
  17. kleaky

    #1 Doubles Monthly! :D

    I don't believe in sleeping anymore
  18. kleaky

    #1 Doubles monthly :)

    i thank my duo so much for letting me get the finals lololol
  19. Blackninja127

    Struggling to use throwable axes

    View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1fFVDOYMh5s&feature=share8
  20. kleaky

    OP player?

    fr my duo was just eating and i was just killing players lmao