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  1. A

    Hacker,Kinda Proof

    He Used The Spammer For The LiquidBounce Client It Only Shows That When You Activate It {obviously}
  2. A

    Is there a way to delete a acc

    I just want to know if i can delete one of my acc i have registered i have 8 {Max Registered} i wanted to get one of my other accounts because it has a minecon cape. Also can you add "Help" as a command anyone can do because i dont have permission. Thats really it i cant find any posts...
  3. S

    can you please fix the hacking problem going on in bedwars

    Recently theres been players with creative mode hacks going on in bedwars and many people are complaining, including me
  4. quraOT


    Okay this has made me lose several games... Fix TNT on bedwars it takes like 40% longer to explode than normal TNT please just please fix it!!!!!
  5. quraOT

    Bedwars Block Lag/Glitch

    I'm sure you guys probably already got a lot of messages about this but in bedwars when I place down blocks too fast (not really that fast just holding place button) most of the time it lags back and I've gotten suffocated in a block before and have fallin' off bridges before or if I try to...
  6. B

    User of the same team trolls his team

    Hola PikaNetwork! Quiero informar al usuario: Narux por rastrear en su propio equipo en BedWars. ¿Puede ser castigado? Saludos aquí os dejo una captura de prueba. (PD: no me cubrí, era él) ¡Saludos! ; ( Image: View: https://imgur.com/a/WvmvkvJ
  7. T

    No Solo Bedwars

    Excuse me dear Pika-Network, Why do you have doubles,3v3v3v3,4v4v4v4, BUT NOT SOLO BEDWARS. Please hear this as a request.
  8. dhmhtrhs2005

    Tips for Fast WIN at bedwars (Offensive tactics)

    Hello anyoneam dhmhtrhs2005 and i will give some tips for the bedwars pvp Offensive play ===At START=== Start go at the generation and collect 32 iron go and buy wool blocks and start a bridge for the biplane team island. ===At THE OTHER TEAM ISLAND=== Go fast and broken the bed after that kill...
  9. L

    How to bridge good?

    Just wondering, I’m just a casual dude looking into becoming a tryhard xd
  10. PvpNo1

    Caught a hacker with proof

    This is my first post but still I play daily for 2 - 4 hours and encounter minimum 5 - 6 hackers daily. Which is really irritating but today i had recorded some hackers Today in this video u will find 2 hackers in here but there was actually 6 hackers they killed each other before i could...
  11. G

    Admins Hacking for: DutchminerHD

    Dutch, if you are reading this or any other staff member, i want to ask you one question: Why do admins hack and why do you let that happen? I've been playing on pika network for 2 years now and i never saw any admin hacking, but recently I've gotten into bedwars and the first time i saw an...
  12. IsolatedReaper

    A simple Idea

    There are a lot of problems regarding bedwars....... What I want is to stop resources from spawning in the centre of forge... And I dont know if you guys noticed..But actually In hypixel........ If multiple people stand on forge all...resources actually go to all player..For example If a 3...
  13. Discooordian

    Verbal abuse...

    Hello, I'd like to make a claim towards 4 players in a bedwars lobby, I have 4 screenshots to show there inappropriate language: