1. Kmiki007

    Inaccurate fireballs?

    Are you guys also getting your fireballs inaccurate? Like they are really off sometimes for me
  2. shinitaichan

    About Boosters Available in the Gold Shop

    I have actually used the booster and filled in my impressions and results. Please refer to it when you use it. WEBSITE ・BEST TIME The best time was 8:30 (US time) when there were many players. Depending on the time, a little earlier at 7:30 is also fine. Because many people were kicked due...
  3. qxpt

    The xp on bedwars sucks

    The devs need to boost the XP you get every game of bedwars or make an XP booster and make the dragon rider available to buy with coins I'm on 150k coins and I can't buy anything and I wanna cry every time I look at the sidebar pls by: A very sad bedwars player p.s #Astro4Helper
  4. U

    New Maps Why Not??

    So I was Thinking of new maps (rather than changing the design of maps) In PikaNetwork . Same Maps Everyday Is Boring So Do you think there should be more maps? cuz WHY NOT ?
  5. Shreeni

    Adding new game modes in Bedwars

    Imagine this, Like Hypixel has many Bedwars game modes like (eg; Lucky Blocks, Rush Mode, And many things occasionally. Alike that why don't pika add something special game mode for this Christmas like having presents and stuff and there would be more like fun things. If u support me Reply and...
  6. divertente

    Mouse + Keyboard ASMR | BedWars!

    Here is a second try at some mouse & kb ASMR, well the first time it didn't go very well, hope you enjoy this new version tho! View:
  7. SibzNotFound

    A Wild Sibz Has appeared!!

    Hello!! random people on the internet, I am Sibz most people call me sibznotfound but Im not a george stan this was just an alt account I had but we don't talk about that I've been playing Minecraft for 3 years now and just got into online play a year ago. I got introduced to Minecraft by a...
  8. SrivamYT

    Lofi solo bedwars grind

  9. RedVenomFlash

    When There's Hope

    When There's Hope
  10. Arnaud_fbr

    Please fix ladders in bedwars

    I've been playing on pika as my main server for now pretty much 2 years (maybe less) and i'm kind of a bedwars sweat. In fact i use ladders a lot (a lot lot lot) and sometimes, when you try to ladderclutch from big heights, you successfully land on the ladder that you just placed, dont take fall...
  11. Fireboy707

    Bedwars Montage

    View: there is my video... note that : this video is kinda bad , i am sorry about it i will try to make it better next time
  12. DBNoob

    faster generator

    Could we have a faster generator for bedwars? the current one is very slow.

    3500 Wins Bedwars Montage

    Uwu View:
  14. U

    They littarly said i was hacking after i finshed with them AND IT WAS A 1V2 LMAO

  15. NoobieChips

    Whats the maximum cps you can get?

    100000 cps drag clickers incoming :O
  16. gift

    Bedwars keyboard sounds ASMR

    Im not very good at bedwars but I wanted to try something new :) hope you guys enjoy it! View:
  17. z0mb1e1fy

    Remove "Olympus" Map OR make it a trios and squad map

    Ahh Olympus , This map really pisses me off especially of how big it is , Games on the map TAKE AGES TO COMPLETE / FINISH and its just a pain in the ass , If this map was squad , it would be good but its SOLO , so nah😬
  18. NoobieChips


  19. z0mb1e1fy

    Bridge Eggs In Pika Network Bed Wars???

    Can you guys please add Bridge eggs like come on...
  20. U

    Tnt jumping and bullying