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  1. ItsLmb

    91 WS clutch FLY HACKER

    View: https://youtu.be/hpyUVvEckO4
  2. I


    what do you do with coins and how to get in the leaderboards😁
  3. A

    Ban Appeal

    So id just got on and it says id been ban for cross-teaming which I will not deny, it was on the account named Anxi and for the reason that I was cross-teaming the other team is that there are hackers everywhere in the server and luckily there was one in our game, the ban client of Pika isn't...
  4. B

    How Much Do You Like The New Lobby and systems

    With The New Minigames system having been implemented it brought new parkour courses and new maps. Do you prefer The new one or the old one.
  5. StarShree

    BedWars Coins of no use

    Hello so as u all know bedwars coins is of no use I hope it would be better if something is there buy using it for example some cosmetics I hope this get added
  6. XyzCraft

    How cheaters fly in Minecraft Bedwars ||| Pika Server!

  7. XyzCraft

    How To Kill Noob Players Without any Tool in Minecraft Bedwars?

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  8. XyzCraft

    How To Kill A Noob Player in Minecraft Bedwars?

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  9. XyzCraft

    Noob Base Campers In Minecraft Bedwars.

  10. XyzCraft

    Winning Solo Without Bed In Minecraft Bedwars!

  11. XyzCraft

    Fast Winning In Minecraft BEDWARS!

  12. CoolCozmoGamer99


    Yo I am CoolCozmoGamer99 aka Nikki, I want to get all of your opinions on bedwars in general and some strats you use as a friendly discussion as a community. Also if you could change some things in the game, what would they be and why? Thanks, CoolCozmoGamer99
  13. lastlegend50

    Bedwars ASMR

    View: https://youtu.be/GpJXZc97Ilk
  14. RealItsLame

    Bedwars Shop: Pickaxe and Axe

    Can you make it so that the pickaxes and axes in the bedwars shop are in one, like at first there will only be wooden tools and shears and when you buy wooden tools it turns into the next tier item(kind of like hypixel's and other bedwars servers)? Cause then it will be easily accessible in the...
  15. GraciousWalker

    GODS, please rate my **** stats, idc lol

    Its me, GraciousWalker, and the only game I play is bedwars. Stats: Level: 35 Wins: 460+ Final Kills: 1750+ Beds: 1700+ I forgot the kills lmao Some stupid information: I click 6 and main solos, ig
  16. NukklearX

    A Keyboard & Mouse ASMR Video On Pika :D

    A Keyboard & Mouse ASMR Video On Pika :D View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1YoX_exz_s
  17. Dytel

    Cheaters in BedWars are exponentially increasing in my games. How about you?

    Alright so, ill start by saying I really do love Pika, because the pvp mechanics are just perfect but I have a slight issue. NoCheatPlus. For the love of any god, please change it or upgrade it. I used to play ages ago before I took an 8 months break and there werent many hackers but they were...
  18. awks

    Bedwars Map Selection

    So, Bedwars map selection has been in the game for quite a while but a very big downsight is that it doesn't work. It's honestly really annoying that they've added it and it doesn't even work since most maps I queue (especially in Solos and Duos) I don't like and I have to queue again. Some maps...
  19. Mehmet410

    Disconnecting mid-game to save winstreak.

    Yesterday, me and my team played an hour of triples, and during this session, we encoutered a team of sweats, one of whom was awks, who is now on the weekly and lifetime pika bedwars leaderboard for highest winstreak. We rushed them and were killed, they rushed us and met the same fate, and once...
  20. ItsLmb

    Uncut ASMR Bedwars

    Two uncut Bedwars games... I hope you will enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment and tell me if you like this kind of content View: https://youtu.be/v_XL-SOXBzg