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  1. Ap0calypsee

    Classic Skyblock Reset Poll

    This poll is for the Classic Skyblock players to vote on if they want to get a reset or not.
  2. xTrust

    Selling 6 Stack of Vote Create

    I possess 6 stacks of vote crates and am selling them. As a minigames enthusiast, I require items for minegames. I currently hold an elite rank in minegames. If you're interested, we can arrange an exchange where you offer Pika Gold currency or an upgrade to my rank from elite to titan in...
  3. N

    Classic Skyblock doesn't work

    I'm trying to get into classic skyblock and it's not working for me for a whole day. What should I do?
  4. P

    How do i increase the miner level?

    I just don't get it. Please explain. :)
  5. ir_n

    what's your favourite gamemode and why

    hi guys I'm irony I'm just curious what you guys think the best gamemode is and why, also what do you think the worst gamemode is and why.
  6. ZaylenGamez

    Zaylen's Introduction

    I'm Zaylen, and I'm 17 years old. I live in the United States of America and will definitely have a Southern accent if you talk to me. I like causing chaos during games on BedWars and will build weird and unusual islands on OPSkyBlock or Classic SkyBlock. Also, purple is the best color in...
  7. sanjay9909

    a suggestion for the opsb blackmarket

    i have a suggestion for the black market, since blackmarket has limited stock and only restocks once a day, only the richest and the players who are in the same time zone can get the items, instead just add a system where each player can get only 1 of any item/day, in that way, everyone has a...
  8. itsdruglovexx

    Ranks explained. [UPDATED]

    First of all I'm making this thread because I have been going thru the Helpful threads/guides and I realized that Ranks & Gkits one is outdated. Explaining ranks from Lowest to Highest. #1 SKYVIP RANK The SkyVip Rank provides the players the basic commands and shows them its luxury. You can...
  9. ASkyBlockDude

    Some Changes to OP Skyblock- Classes-Crates-Money given in Vote Crates

    I enjoy playing on the Server, most times I don't got much free time on my hands and I buy the classes to get money and sell on Auction houses. I know Classes is buyable with real money and the Key Class is in Glad Crates. I recommend adding a few more Classes into the mix. Right now we got some...
  10. G


    How do i auction my stuff? I really want to get read of some but not just throw them away.

    AFK rules

    I've looked in the rules and csb guide for afk rules and haven't found any for AFKing. What are the rules with AFK if there are any? Like is afk mining allowed and if not it should be because you're working on your own island and not just taking up space like those using afk machines and pools.
  12. StoPizza

    Fix SkyBlock.

    Ok so, there are so much things broken in SkyBlock that staff have to do something about it. I’ll fill a bug report after this thread. So here is a list of a few things, I am sure that they are more things who need to be fixed. 1) You can take damage at other’s island. 2) Withdraw is broken. 3)...
  13. X

    Skyblock is broken

    I was making a creeper farm and then the server had a huge lag spike kicked me twice and I lost 4 hoppers, help. Also you can't join and nobody is playing it.
  14. StoPizza


    Hey, its been so long since the withdraw in skyblock classic is broken. I know a lot of people reported with bug reports, and Admins aware of the case and I am sure that the owners too, when will anyone care about this for real? Thank you. StoPizza//SkyGod.
  15. hijackrusty

    Classic SkyBlock: Starter Guide!

    Hey Guys! :p Just got a bit bored and thought I'd write this Starter tips guide for anyone new joining the server or anyone new to skyblock! I know it's been done before but it's always easy to see a new thread when you're new on the forums! Where to begin? Firstly start off by getting yourself...
  16. hijackrusty

    Come build and make $$$ (in-game)

    Hey Guys! If anyone wants to help out on my skyblock, just looking to expand and build some houses, farms and grinders so I can eventually set up some shops for you guys. If you wanna help out, make some extra (in-game) money, or just have fun; then msg me on here, in game, or add my discord :D...
  17. hijackrusty

    Hey guys Hijackrusty here!

    Hey guys! Great to have finally found such a cool, friendly and fun server. Looks like a great community to be apart of and I can't wait to get to know everyone! I'm 18 from London, England, I'm also an ex-MC youtuber of 10K subs(humble brag:ROFLMAO:). Catch me on skyblock and prison servers and...
  18. B

    If anyone needs help In-game

    Hi all I am not the richest of players in OPSB but if anyone needs help to like get the /warp mine I can send some money your way :) I also usually do giveaways everytime just before I go offline so if you see me in OPSB just tell me you need some help or whatever :D admins if this is not...
  19. AlphaPizza

    EventIdea-SkyBlock Deathmatch: ClassicSkyBlock vs OP-SkyBlock

    Hello SkyBlockers- Classic and OP alike, Earlier today, OP Skyblock's well-known @IndieDemon and I were having a friendly argument over the better SkyBlock server- Classic or OP. That argument got us the idea of an event that will be both fun and will settle the debate. Please comment what you...
  20. Harrysdog

    help thread?

    Not sure what thread suitable but for now i need help to get flint or gravel in skyblock because i need it to make flint and steel for a project. note: /is ms is selling the wrong sapling and /c the challange that give you spawn egg are not giving them (also not sure if its being discuss before)