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  1. L

    Reporting Ninja_Pvper for spawn killing

    Ninja_Pvper was spawn killing us, i was dead only a few times and as u see i am dead 30 times at first and then 35 times. he spawn killed all of my team mates. He came in the walls which were opened because another faction called Raidar raided us then after Shield got activated i started to...
  2. A

    How to report rule-breakers.

    So I want to know how to get enough evidence for reporting rule breakers, Like what software to make video clip for reporting ❓
  3. C

    Report JustInsane on op skyblock.

    Report this player with bad language!
  4. C

    Racism in chat (perpetrator shown in image)

    Was idly grinding when I saw this in chat :(
  5. O

    Need Help

    Hollo! I need Help. I join your server 1 day ago. I go to "wigglegranny135" netherite shop, but it is not a shop, its only trap. I fell from height on hoppers and die. I lost my all items. I need my all items, please help me.
  6. D

    Shulker box scam By samurai ranked player

    He even openly admits that the shulker box is a scam and i also changed the language just to confirm and the items didnt change language which means its a scam.
  7. T

    I'm here to report TH_panther and ankhoi1211 for crossteaming.

    MY PROOF: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBzT2m1-SdQ
  8. eimer_gamer

    Cross teamer

    The second after this was taken, they surround me
  9. Z

    Mute This Kid - <3

    Foreign Language foreign languageforeign languageforeign languageforeign languageforeign language
  10. Dee_Yeti

    I need YOUR opinion

    here is a screen rec i took, i want you guys opinion on whether this is enough proof that yellow and green are cross teaming. i reported them but staff says "not enough proof". u can see yellow not breaking green bed, and the wool yellow had placed as a tnt cover on greens bed. so yellow was...
  11. FakeMan1331

    Add /report command In game

    I suggest adding the /report command in game to easily report cheaters. In this way it will be easier to report cheaters: instead of going to the forums, post screenshots, etc. people could just say /report [player name]. Then the game replay will be sent to mods who will decide to ban or not...
  12. Natalie21A

    Teamers in Bedwars solo

    Hey sorry if this is in the wrong place, but these two people: MartynasLts and gemergxg were teaming in Bedwars solo. Red didn't have a bed and was chilling at Yellow's base, and both of them attacked me multiple times, teaming together. I think they were talking in /msg as they weren't saying...
  13. S

    Teamer report

    Hello There, I wanted to report these people: PreeIsAlive Irtazza and Scphix. Me and my friend Kneckesbauer2308, were casually playing Skywars doubles until we met 3 people that were on different teams, but were playing together like they were playing trios. We tried to fight them, but all three...
  14. krsy123

    Can you report multiple players in one report?

    Title says it all. I've got a screenshot of two people swearing at the same time. Can I report them both in one report or do I make different reports with the same image?
  15. W

    Report (Clearly an exploiter

    I was playing opfactions with my friend , we have a small sized base covered by obsidian. User egyptionninja dug straight down to our base and later i found out there were tunnels everywhere near out base. All of them I mean all of the tunnels were pitch black (meaning he was probably xraying or...
  16. C

    Ban report

    I was casually playing a game of Bedwars solo. Unfortunately, I didn't have any video footage of this occurence, but i'm going to explain what happened. So, I was playing and got siderushed by my enemy - Coffee_Softie. I was bridging up, got killed, respawned and they were still on the bridge...
  17. A

    Chat report on Tultz

    Was playing a bedwars game casually i fireball the last guy Tultz and win the game then he told me im an idiot and to go kill myself. I have a screenshot. My IGN is Alffa83 Reportin "Tultz"
  18. R

    Please ban TechnosGoon Minecraft playing from Tlauncher making Lag Machines

    TechnosGoon or TechnoGoon Is making Lagg Machines In survival With His Friend jdn1 they are trolling and asking for money
  19. FintanFire

    Hacker Report

    alright so there are 2 people Enerobloxi and nesconask. They both were teamed also nesconask was reaching i forgot to record the proof of that but its true. Also i couldnt post videos on here what do i do
  20. WhiteJade


    I got tpakilled twice by DoniBobess?(I vaguely remember the name) on survival. They also stole my stuff on the first kill on the promise that they would take me to their base. When I asked for just one of my shulker box (an empty shulker box and not the one that was full of my keys and stuff...