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  1. Form

    Welcome to #1 Team Top #Best

    ⚔️Hello dear KitPvP Warriors!⚔️ 🤯My name is Form.🤯 🤯Me and my friends FuerzaI & leavemealxne are creating a new KitPvP once a new season comes up.🤯 We have our own Discord-Server that includes giveaways for KitPvP. 🤺Are you interested into joining KitPvP's #1 TeamTop? 🤺 💥 If so, apply here...
  2. Slur

    Adding more armour choice

    Hello, This is a suggestion to add more armour sets in kitpvp, as well as some special star items. As you can see jartex has had a lot of changes regarding kitpvp, they have had new armour sets as we still only have 4. I feel like kitpvp is neglected on pika and I’m not sure why. I think to...

    Accepted Kit-PvP Kit-PvP Pot Extender

    Username: AlexXVII Suggestion: Re-add Nerfed Kit-PvP Pot Extender / Special Set Nerf Detailed description: I believe the pot extender team perk should be re-implemented into the kit-pvp game mode or special sets MUST be nerfed specifically Reaper sets. Pot extender recently got removed but I...
  4. Zoukix

    AlexXVII team are clowns L go to bed (kitpvp pika)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV-Kyd5GHlw&ab_channel=Ano make sure to like and sub <3

    Denied Kit-PvP Kit-PvP /team top payouts every season

    Username: AlexXVII Suggestion: Kit-PvP /team top payouts every season Detailed description: I would like to suggest payouts for kit-pvp /team top. These payouts would be given to the top 3 or top 5 teams every season a day before a new season arrives. The payouts can range from ranks...
  6. AymanBlazer

    I lost a free god rank coucher

    so i was using my vote keys and I was already on a kit when I used I got seasonal god rank but unfortunately my inv was full idk where it went can anyone help me
  7. justeggs_gg

    Every person has a warm heart.

    There were multiple hackers online on KitPVP, we grouped up and went in for the hackers. As we were defeating the hackers we came across the idea to make a group picture. We all agreed to the idea and the biggest enemy's have truced each other for this picture, which is heartwarming to see! We...
  8. K

    We need new season :D

    Hey This season of kitpvp is so boring so plz tell us when will new ssn of kitpvp will come ? other gamemode got new season we need too ::D:D:D
  9. Slur

    Things that maybe should be added to kitpvp

    I personally thing that the moth rewards needed to be buffed up because some times you wait at Koth for 5minutes ans could be longer considering people can be knocked and most of the time you get a fishing rod or a p3 chestplate. I also think that killstreaks should be buffed so when people...
  10. Ez_Angel

    Reset KitPvP

    After over two years isnt it time to reset?
  11. F

    Stats on Kitpvp are messed up

    The Stats on kitpvp got kinda reseted for some players, some players lost 10k kills or eveb more. Is there a way to restore the kills?
  12. MrTunaK

    I get ban for nothing?

    Firstly i am sorry for my bad english because i am Turkish. I was fighting with MercuryGFX -he was staff- and i was hitting while jumping because i want to hit critical then MercuryGFX ban me. I got ban at 2020-02-01. I was just want to hit critical. My nickname is 'ImMuniez'. I was Legend in...
  13. A

    Mute Appeal ;D

    Soooo um yeah, I got muted (permanently) cuz I was swearing excessively. and other various reasons previously. as much a i try to watch my "mouth", so to speak, sometime I lose control of what im typing, and i begin to start typing what comes to mind, and I understand that this is no excuse, but...
  14. A

    Possible Glitch (Nothing Immediate or Big)

    This isnt anything too big, just something someone said in chat that threw me off a little bit. Darric (on kit pvp) claimed he had infinite Strength 2, this isn't immediate or big, it could just be a simple glitch.
  15. A

    I lost my rank and Level

    So I changed my MC IGN today, and as soon as i tried to rejoin kitpvp, it asked me to /register again, so i did. and when i lo9gged on to kit pvp, my rank and level were gone. Old IGN: ApexGlide NewIGN: ApexBlackjack
  16. RcBruder

    Giveaway winners! freestuff

    JBgamy firebolt102 BabyMagnum SwaggySenpai sendit Congrats to those who win and you will receive your kits when i see you on! Thanks!