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  1. McFlare

    McFlare Introduction.

    Hello I am McFlare, I play bedwars, skywars, and practice. But my favorite game modes are probably skywars and bedwars. INFO I am from the United States and speak fluent English. I am grinding to one day get on the lifetime leaderboards for skywars.
  2. wjdxo

    I am wjdxo.

    Hello, I'm just an ordinary Minecraft Pika network player, wjdxo. I'll always do good things and I won't curse or ad-lib the server or player. I will vote for the server frequently and become a hardworking player wjdxo on Pika's network site. Have a happy day. <3
  3. krsy123

    Hey, fellow members of Pika.

    I am krsy123. Not exactly a new member, just got interested in pika again lately. Wanted to say hello! I wish everyone reading this, a very pleasant day.
  4. Aleksandar_718

    Aleksandar_718 Here!

    Hello, I'm Aleksandar_718. (You can call me Aleks) Age: 16 Country: Macedonia What's my goal: My goal is to be staff on this server. I'm playing Minecraft for 7 years ( I'm playing Minecraft from 2013) and I've been staff on many servers and I wish I can be on pika-Network as well. I'm mostly...
  5. Krisssyyy

    Burp, I guess its time to introduce myself?

    Hello there, you probably know me already but a lot of people have a post here so I will join the gang! And since it 2020 it would be lame to not have a post here :o So my minecraft name is NCStylezX, No it does not stand for No Copyright Sounds... It stands for No Combo Style the zX is just to...
  6. SavKriss


    Introduction Hello there, everyone! In this thread, I'm going to tell you all about who exactly SavKriss is and what I do on a day-to-day basis! If you have anymore questions about me, just ask. I'm a pretty friendly person and I would love to answer any questions you have! Who are you? Well...
  7. xcoughee


    hello (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ my name is xcoughee, but you can call me harper! i don't really mind~ um, i've been playing the pika for a while now, i've just discovered there was a forums for this server, lol. so hey, i decided to make a forums account! i'm not good at long paragraphs so here's a summary...
  8. Maggie ♡

    [Forum Game] Ask the user below you a question

    Self explanatory I hope Basically, just ask a question and then the next person will answer it and ask their own question. I'll start: What's your favorite book?
  9. Maggie ♡

    [Forum Game] Explain the person above you's signature in as little detail as possible!

    I wish I could ):
  10. Maggie ♡

    Would You Hug The Avatar Above You? [Forum Game]

    ^ no because you don't exist ;)
  11. Maggie ♡

    Whats the inspiration behind your Minecraft IGN?

    I love asking this question whenever I get the chance to. What is the inspiration behind your IGN? Any personal backstory to why you chose to be called that in-game? Did you have any previous IGN's before your current IGN? My first IGN was CrazyBlonde01, due to my personality, my hair colour...
  12. R


    Hey Hey! My name is Rony. I'm not new to the server as I used to play a good amount of skywars a year or two back. But, joining the forums is a first. I decided to join the OP Prison server and have started my journey there. Anyways, gonna keep this short.. My name IGN: theronybot; say hi if...
  13. Maggie ♡

    Happy New Year (Late) ;)

    Happy New Year for y'all (late) I wish you all had fun especially with just the vacation y'all be like hey Maggie your late to say Happy New Year ikr but that's due to my moving an acknowledged Pika-Network *shhhh that's best server ever don't tell anyone else that's our secret* ;) oh and as i...
  14. ForeverPinoy

    Introduce myself?

    Who am i? I am Francis Gio Tisado, as many of you guys can call me "Pinoy" or "Francis". I am coming from Philippines, Abuyog Leyte, to be exact. I am 14 years old and i was born on 19 March 2002. I have played Basketball and sometimes hang out with some friends. I am a Grade 9 student on...
  15. FluffyMallow

    I'm FluffyMallow, Hello Pika-Crafters!

    Hello! I am Angela! But people know me as FluffyMallow! Let me introduce myself.. I'm an animal lover person, who loves cute things and other stuff like uh.. DESSERT! Dessert is my number 1 favorite food, well, I guess it's because it's DESSERT duh, well, I guess you're right! My favorite...
  16. Kenzy

    Hi Humans ✌

    Hi Im Kenzy And I Have Another Acc TranceSource :) I have been playing Pika 2 And Half Years :)but i stop and play again because its summer ;) i stop playing because someone Hack the server last Year i think :(:(:( i cant still Move on my Island in SkyBlock And My Friends im a loyal player of...