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  1. Fqch

    Godly Mystery Box disappearing

    I played bedwars and the chat said that I received a "Godly Mystery Box". As I ran to the enderchest thingi to open it, the godly mystery box wasnt there. I restarted my game but still not visible. View: https://imgur.com/a/ybjCq4G
  2. Mehmet410

    Disconnecting mid-game to save winstreak.

    Yesterday, me and my team played an hour of triples, and during this session, we encoutered a team of sweats, one of whom was awks, who is now on the weekly and lifetime pika bedwars leaderboard for highest winstreak. We rushed them and were killed, they rushed us and met the same fate, and once...
  3. S

    No bed only a sign !!

    Because of this bug we lost !
  4. he1nel

    Cannot pickup items in ClassicSkyBlock

    I dont know what happened but i was grinding mobcoins and then when i tried to pickup my heads i couldnt pick them up... It happens with every item in the game. How can I fix this?
  5. Arnaud_fbr

    Please fix ladders in bedwars

    I've been playing on pika as my main server for now pretty much 2 years (maybe less) and i'm kind of a bedwars sweat. In fact i use ladders a lot (a lot lot lot) and sometimes, when you try to ladderclutch from big heights, you successfully land on the ladder that you just placed, dont take fall...
  6. D

    weirdest latest glitch (?) at practice

    so like, i was queued to play sumo unranked with a player, and i was confused to spawn with another player on my spot, holding a stone sword, not moving. and so, my opponent went for him instead of me. it ended pretty quickly, and its a good thing i took this screenshot the second i was gonna...
  7. JokeRascal

    Bedwars Glitches

    I've been playing pika bedwars for a long time and I really enjoy playing here, but there are a lot of glitches happening in the game, for example, fireball is very imprecise, and when I want to fireball jump for example I get lagged in place and fell in void. Other glitch I would like to report...
  8. X

    Player camping in sumo [Please fix!]

    Good day Pika Network Staff, i would like to report a player who was camping in sumo. There IGN is eaeas Please fix this glitch as i think it is bannable. I have photographic evidence of the incident
  9. A

    Glitcher on Practice PvP

    Can this dude get banned? lize07 glitcher
  10. M

    Glitch with hoppers that can easily get u on /f top 1 on OP Factions

    I wont show the way how is it done because people will start using it, so any of staff msg me on Op Factions
  11. Lt_akgamings


    So at 19:00 we were playing when all of a sudden it kicked us. Ok... so after a minute it kicked us again, and again, and again. It says that I am sending too many packets.. For all of us... Please fix it
  12. E

    Epic Crate Key (vote part)

    We had reached the 500 vote party and a message popped up saying we will all get an epic crate key but that never really happend
  13. U

    People out of fps in op factions

  14. quraOT


    Okay this has made me lose several games... Fix TNT on bedwars it takes like 40% longer to explode than normal TNT please just please fix it!!!!!
  15. quraOT

    Bedwars Block Lag/Glitch

    I'm sure you guys probably already got a lot of messages about this but in bedwars when I place down blocks too fast (not really that fast just holding place button) most of the time it lags back and I've gotten suffocated in a block before and have fallin' off bridges before or if I try to...
  16. Joel@Play

    What the...

    Every time I open Minecraft it opens from then one opener and then it needs me to go into task manager to close the other ones. It's a weird glitch. Is anyone else having this same problem?
  17. M

    My Unban appeal

    Ok... this started when i was in the end... I was mining endstone... My wifi was extremely laggy, I got stuck inside a block. I tried jumping out of the block and then I started hitting the block with my pickaxe, I went to the chat and typed ''Laggy Guys xD" and then the next moment I got banned...
  18. RunYourShordie


    Hello, My username is Darth_Hydra, and my rank got glitched last reset where my rank got changed to guardian. I had donator rank previously, and some moderators also know of this like Izha and very OG players. Also have some video proof.
  19. T

    OP Prison

    Fix the mines. In mine A you get more money than mine B... THAT DOESNT MAKE SESNE. And fix inventory glitch. It says full inventory but you can get 61 more of the same item.
  20. M

    My /pv 1-15 broke

    I had like 7 creepers 10 zombies 2 blazes and alot cave spider spawners and like pv full of godaxes renamed and 2 pvs od god armor...i lost it all + my 50mil