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bug reports

  1. E

    Gravestones not working.

    I had a +1 gravestone I got from a vote crate. I redeemed it and a few play hours later I died. I went back to the coordinates the system gave me but I when I got there my gravestone was nowhere to be found. Messaged the assistance thread on the pika discord server and another person...


    We cannot see what stuff there is in the Royal loot crate by right clicking, can you fix?
  3. L

    he flying and pvping me his nick __iSlayer__

    ban him pls i lsot my boss items on him
  4. A

    Pvp-Mine "bug"

    Well i new in the server and i needed to get the beacons to prestige but when i go to the pvp-mine it just say that i don't have permission is this a bug or i need something in my pickaxe?
  5. O

    Tools pickaxe bugged

    I was on my island trying to mine with the Tools pickaxe (Efficiency 7) and with the Haste II effect from my beacon. But it bugged and I could not break the blocks. This is the video file: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Q66RAnfCPpH0Cyd3706hJ9tN8yeDjcVV
  6. Y

    rank mystery box bug

    does it possible to not getting any rank in Rank mystery box? I got mystery rank box but I didn't get any rank Is it possible to not getting any? answer me mods pls
  7. P

    Read the bug reports staff!

    Read the bug reports aaaaaaaa I have made 2 bug reports but nones got any reply pls read them or what are u doing staff? Read em.
  8. Milkeewayy_

    Pet Stuck On Spawn

    When I was riding my skele horse to explore some areas, I found the spawn place where new people get spawed ( 505 69 61) I got down from the horse and when i try to ride it it says Hey! Sorry, but you cant ride that here. I know that you cant place or destroy blocks near that place but..Help me...
  9. S

    Lost my pickaxe due to a bug

    I had a diamond pickaxe with boomerang 100 and token greed 1500. It disappeared from my inventory when I logged out. I heard it's a known bug that when you put an item in the 9th slot of the Hotbar, it disappears from the inventory. I assume this is what caused the disappearance of the pickaxe...
  10. T

    Wheat Bug

    Please ive found a very irrotating bug that even caused me to lose like 5 games, and even kicked me twice and said client mod...Anyway the bug is that on the map Japan, the wheat is bugy, and i mean really buggy, when i jumped on it it bugged me and started to return me to previous place, i even...
  11. E

    A glitch where it switches randomly between item slots

    So i seen a lot of people complain about it on chat and the glitch works like this: lets say ur playing nodebuff, you combo someone and in the middle of the combo without doing anything instead of holding the sword it switches to you're 5th slot, it hapend to me a lot and i want to share it...
  12. P

    (After Reset) My island is gone

    I've already submitted a bug report with the coordinates, please follow up.
  13. I

    silver set from koth is glitched

    silver set from koth is glitched and it has double enchantments and it doesnt work and i had LT_Hammerman try it and it didnt work
  14. E

    God bridging on practice

    So I am a god bridger from Hypixel( sorry if i am not allowed to say this please don't ban me :/), and I decided to come here to practice my pvp skills. But there is a problem with the bridging here. If someone wants to see me god bridge, I go up and start bridging. But here is my problem. I...
  15. Insults

    Item disapear bug

    Sometimes armour or items can bug out and turn into black stained glass panes. I think this usually happens before a server reboot, in my case, I lost my netherite helmet and chestplate before the server reboot. It turned into 12 black stained glass panes. Other players have also had this bug...
  16. 4Was


    I encountered a bug that will get you kicked/banned if it happens. What it is, its if you have a generator bucket of any kind (i tested this with obsidian), if it generates inside of you, it will start glitching you, and will not let you break anything or move. i received my first kick AND ban...
  17. P


    So, i fell on a block and died.When I went to pick up my stuff they were vanishing instead of going to my inventory,that happened twice
  18. Rome

    Rome and Prinzessinhaesel lost 150 elo for a bug of 2v2s

    Hi it's Rome. I want to report a bug that happened last night in in the practice. it happened on the 11th Nov I was doing ranked 2v2s (me and BigFrickinCow vs Prinzessheizel& Unawarely) we did one match and afterwards something really weird happened: Basically My B uhc elo was equal to cow's...
  19. D

    No Games Found Fix it someone?!

    can someone fix no game found on Bedwars people are angry about it and said it would be a dead server if its not getting fix.
  20. N

    Can't use "f" for clan tag

    Apparently "f" is not an alphanumeric character, although I'm pretty sure it is. What's going on here?