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bug reports

  1. ryqr

    Rank Voucher Bug.

    Hello, I just wanted to say that i got a hero rank voucher and i cant redeem it. Can someone help me?
  2. F

    Stats on Kitpvp are messed up

    The Stats on kitpvp got kinda reseted for some players, some players lost 10k kills or eveb more. Is there a way to restore the kills?
  3. S

    I lost my SkyKing Pickaxe with Triumph 5 because of Captcha Check

    I using the pickaxe to harvest my crops because it had fortune 5, then suddenly this captcha thingy appeared and i have entered the code but the captcha is still in my hand replacing my pickaxe I believe the server thought I was afk mining. Please help.
  4. B

    Vote party BuG

    This server have a vote party and it complete 500 votes 2 times per day and after 500 vote we get a captcha to complete and if we click captcha we see nothing on it and can't even complete. Fix this BuG :) Proof...
  5. F

    Bugged anticheat

    Wheneverr I'm playing and occasionally I get glitched and the game doesn't let me move.I then try to move but then it kicks me for OP faction hacks
  6. TomatoBH

    Cocoa Beans = Ink sak if you do [item]

    If you're holding a Cocoa Bean and do [item] It says Ink sak Thats about it
  7. P

    Creeper egg bug

    When creeper destroys chest, it doesnot drop anything. Please fix this bug. Thanks
  8. L

    My spawner disappeared

    I need help. My Iron golem spawner just disppeared and I can't take this again. I loose all of my money and I'm sad now.
  9. LuQa

    Spawners bug

    I got 5 blaze spawners out of a godly crate. So i build a Blaze spawner. Then i placed the 5 spawners in so they stacked up as 1. Then i bought 3 extra spawners. When i was placing this 3 spawners i noticed that from the 5 spawners before there was only 1 left. I don't know how that could...

    Suggestions/Bugs for Classic Skyblock

    Hello Skyblockers, So as many of you know, Classic Skyblock is getting updated and I'll be taking all of any suggestions/bugs and send them directly to Yoeri,who is responsible for updating Classic Skyblock. However,I'm not going to forward any suggestions or bugs unless they are on this...
  11. SwaggySenpai

    Am bug

    Am bug Am member in my island I can't break place blocks open chests Just I can do /is Lock