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  1. Gjoce11

    we all want new maps for bedwars and please add some new maps.

    ADD NEW BEDWARS MAPS. This maps are borring!!! >:( N E W M A P S ! ! ! ! ! !
  2. LukyNAJA21


    Hello guys i upload this video you can sub and leave a like? Is free! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaoSQgFFoR0&t=13s thx all <3
  3. Xquitze_YT

    Bedwars Keyboard + Mouse Sounds ASMR V4

    Hey guys pls subscribe if u havn't i want to reach 500 subs to get yt rank! it will mean a lot! Please
  4. BetaGamer_

    Why do i even play

    Bedwars ugh... when I queue into a lobby there is most likely to have a cheater. this server really needs to work on the anti-cheat and fast!. I lost every single win streak to a cheater I'm not a bad player OkRRRRRT .
  5. cyx__

    2 BedWars Hackers

    these 2 guys where cheating pls ban them. name of the 2 hackers in the desc of the video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyRvGqQdQW0
  6. I

    i never saw a staffer doing some utilities...

    is the 3 time that i see hackers in bedwars:SootHouse,HJKSLASDH, and much other... i was banned 5 time from the console for using hacks(even if i wasn't) and this guys who USE hacks are not banned. i have no words..
  7. M


    So is there anyone in Europe that can play bedwars. All my friends are busy or not have the game. If you are interested to play pls post your discord name and I will send you a friends request. I am good at everything in bedwars, except bridging. I think I am decent. I don't care if you new or...