1. Y

    Ping issue ... 2022

    Is it just me or Are the Asians getting 400+ ms no it's not my internet , i have verified 20+ of my friends are having the same issue we used to have 100+ a day before but now it's stuck on 400 pls get it fixed I don't want my bedwars experience to be a power point presentation ._.
  2. mp69420

    bedwars hackers

    hello, just a question: what can be done with the bedwars hackers, they literally break the winstreak. pls help thx. regards, mp69420
  3. M

    cross teaming

    2 players in bedwrs solo cross teamed on me, and i have video evidence, it happed live on my twitch View: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1235931801
  4. S

    Bedwars/Skywars Tournament

    I am here to pitch an idea of mini game Tournament because i think it cloud a great addition to many PvP based Tournaments and i think i would generate more hype and excitement for these games i hope the pika staff take idea
  5. T

    Why aren't invis not in the game?

    I still don't get why invisibility potions is not in Bedwars. It's so help in so many ways. It would be useful to get beds, escape from fights and etc... I beg you guys to add it to Bedwars and people get diamond armour because invis isn't available to buy. So, Please add invis potion to bedwars!
  6. H

    got accused for hacking

    i was just playing bedwars last night, when i woke up it said i got banned for killaura and idek what that is. idk how i got banned but some guy named TryHardMarktin reported me. i dont recall getting better at bedwars but i tend to lag a lot but either way, i dont know how i got banned so fast...
  7. IhsanRocks

    Are there any new Bedwars 2v2 tournaments coming up?

    It would be kinda cool if some of the people with TItan ranks could host bedwars tournaments. It could even be without a prize, just for a bit of fun and some sweaty games. I just got DQ from a tournament in Jartex, bcz I was 30 seconds late, and I want to try and enter another one with my...
  8. SS_EXPO0

    Bedwars Doubles with Titan Supreme Hiro | play.pika-network.net

    View: https://youtu.be/0fJvKOxt5Qs
  9. V3dy__YT

    "Gone Girl" I Pika-Network Bedwars Montage

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHP83n6pwoQ&t=60s Please like and sub I literally have 0 subs lol
  10. Jaz_Plays

    I suggest if someone disconnect you need to break their bed to be Eliminated

    Pika staff if you mind pls add this feature
  11. OmegaBOHR

    Issues with Bridging

    Hi, I've been playing Minecraft for about 4 years now, and after watching YouTubers like NotNico and BedlessNoob, I thought it was time to learn new bridging methods like God Bridging, Breezily Bridging. As I have Premium Minecraft I was able to practice on different servers but never actually...
  12. Ayan3155

    Bedwars or Skywars(vote)

    I just want to see how much people love Bedwars or Skywars
  13. Ayan3155

    Introducing myself thats it.

    I am Ayan3155,and i am a level 11 bedwars player(I am preety bad though.If you want to play will me I will me available from 3:00pm to 5:00pm(GMT),Comment below if you want to play with me
  14. D

    Carrying my friends

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi7bMtAEreg&t=609s
  15. E

    Chatting (Bedwars)

    I don't understand how people talk in "game" chat, like when I say something, it says 'TEAM' but sometimes I can see other peoples messages they send to the whole lobby, it says their colour, for example 'AQUA'. I know that '/party chat' is a thing, but what is the command to talk in game chat...
  16. M

    Question regarding ranks

    If I were to buy vip rank with vote tokens, can i buy a rank upgrade from vip to elite for $10 or do i have to buy elite like normal for $15
  17. Gjoce11

    Invisible Potions

    Put Invisible Potions for 2 or 4 emeralds and make bedwars more like on hypixel!!! 🥺🙏
  18. Gjoce11

    we all want new maps for bedwars and please add some new maps.

    ADD NEW BEDWARS MAPS. This maps are borring!!! >:( N E W M A P S ! ! ! ! ! !
  19. LukyNAJA21


    Hello guys i upload this video you can sub and leave a like? Is free! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaoSQgFFoR0&t=13s thx all <3
  20. Xquitze_YT

    Bedwars Keyboard + Mouse Sounds ASMR V4

    Hey guys pls subscribe if u havn't i want to reach 500 subs to get yt rank! it will mean a lot! Please